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  • rick.nagra rick.nagra May 16, 2014 4:54 PM Flag

    I'm NOT worried about Watts comments

    I don't lay at night worrying about Watt neither. More importantly is what he said in his speech about how he overall feels about FnF. He wants them to grow, to survive, and to capitalize. That's all I expect from Watt and that's good enough. Carry on Watt don't let us get in the way. Instead our fate depends on Judge Sweeney and getting Congress to change their views about us. It's a three step approach. Step 1 ( Watt ) is done. Step 2 ( the Courts ) and step 3 ( Congress ) are next. We are 33% of the way there. The current PPS reflects this.

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    • In addition to Watt being a craft politician, he is a lawyer who knows the Treasurer broke the law back in 2012; however, like any politician who knows how to play both sides of the fence at the same time in order to keep his job, he is playing it cool to give everyone the impression he is bipartisan.

      That is the first thing they teach you in POLITICS 101.

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    • brettm04 May 16, 2014 5:58 PM Flag

      I read the article and my take away was that Watt is not going to condone the "sweep" as anyone with a brain bigger than a peanut knows that it is going against the rule of law and if not blatantly going against it - it is definitely in a dark grey area... so the best he can do is say that he is comfortable w/ how things are and cannot agree or disagree since he was not there at the time,, but the fact that he ( which means THEY ) all are seeing the light and having to keep F&F going and growing to keep our economy from backsliding is GREAT NEWS!

    • Watt is not other than the criminals in Washington. He is Obama's puppet. Who cares what he said? If you believe in rule of law and America's constitution, you wont be worried about his comment.

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    • Yeah right. You Pumpers are worried! Keep dreaming! Drink a stella. Pffffff

    • "Watt also notes the he had no role in altering the bailout agreements to allow for the continuous taking of all GSEs profits by Treasury. “I don’t know whether I would have thought differently had I been there, but I don’t have that luxury ... It’s an arrangement that I’m comfortable operating under.”

      And that is supposed to facilitate re-capitalizing? maybe, Nagra, you could explain this "logic"?

    • "He wants them to grow, to survive, and to capitalize."

      O.K. and exactly how does that happen when he is perfectly comfortable with the sweep staying in place?

    • I am true long, I don't worry much about day to day trading.
      I believe in logic and logic here says that they will be released and relisted..
      And I am used to politicians BS and even lie.
      Unfortunately, I believe that to be a successful politician you have to master BS and lies
      But I am truly offended by the game they are playing
      Listen to Watt's last statement, I don't care about shareholders I only care about taxpayers.
      Well, doesn't the taxpayer buy shares, thus becoming a shareholder.
      Doesnt the shareholder pay taxes, thus becoming a taxpayer.
      I can take their BS and lies, but saying something as stupid means one thing, they believe we are stupid.
      We can't hold them for BS or lies, we put them all out of office.
      But we can hold them for intelligence, at least respect our intelligence.
      Go long, logic will prevail.

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    • Most intelligent posting I've read on this board all day! :-)

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    • thanks for the comments on this. and it make sense to me.

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