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  • rafikiaus rafikiaus Mar 10, 2002 10:27 PM Flag

    Isn't CSC an American company?

    Most of the jobs have gone and are going to Indians overseas and not to the people who
    developed the product and sweated over it. Many gyrations , many generations of development occurred and these guys put their hearts to it. (Only to be blanked over
    for a dollar by Bruce - what a hero!).

    These long-time people were stars (and still are) but now they are history, sold down the river to overseas cheap Indian labor.

    One FOOL gave-up a job offer because he was asked by upper management to stay in Austin and architect a system on UNIX. So he bought many the books. Learned "C", learned internal UNIX architecture, learned SED, AWK, KORN shell, UNIKIX and, UNIX nework IPC programing. He spent over $700 of his own money(fool). WIth all that he was able to improve performance about 300 times. This effort was instrumental in saving litigation and several million dollars. After that, he got an marvelous review by management. A month later he was layed off and replaced by Indians.

    CSC/FSG Austin! CSC/FSG Austin!
    You are real human beings, real Patriots!

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    • That is so typical CSC FSG. They bleed not only their clients of money but also their staff of money, commitment, loyality and trust. CSC FSG will only continue to employ those who make no noise, take loads of bad management and will work to making the next quarter profitable. There are still a few good people left in CSC FSG but lots of people have been laid off who had the best skills. Lots of people who had good skills also left of their own choice as they found a better company/job. Those that are left either couldn't find jobs somewhere else, are rubbing up to their managers to keep their jobs or are biding their time to find a job somewhere else. There is no long term planning in CSC FSG - just the next quarters profit. At what stage will these cheesy shareholders realise that out-sourcing from countries such as India is not good for the long term of any economy. Will these shareholders children be able to compete with Indian hourly rates? What jobs will be left for any American? What is the future of the American or woldwide economy? Will Bush introduce tarriffs on Foriegn IT workers as he has done for the Steel Industry? What will happen to the US economy when every job is outsourced outside of the USA? CSC FSG is not a global company - it is a company who has many independent divisions working in different countries. CSC FSG is very top heavy with the 'old boys' network. There is no unity. There is no plan. There is no future if they keep on going on as they currently are and there is no sign of any imminent change.

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      • Well said. And in answer, NO, CSC is not an American country, except in the location of its Corporate HQ.

        Today we saw memorials of the "Attack on America" 6 months ago. Must people die in violent bloody attacks for us to take notice that we're being attacked? CSC is attacking this country from within, by taking jobs away from hard-working Americans and handing them over to India and other countries.

        Anyone who has time to read and post on this board, could take 15 minutes out of their schedule to contact via e-mail their congressmen and senators at both the state and national level. It isn't hard to find those addresses.

        And while we're at it, might as well let uncle George W hear from us as well, so that he knows what effect his taking office has had on the nation. That address is also easy to locate. While we all know that these so-called public servants aren't going to pay much attention to an email on a particular subject, numerous emails on the same subject just might catch their attention.

        Good evening. Off to the Senate & house sites.

        By the way, those of you still at CSC - March 22nd is coming. It's the last payday of the quarter and the last before fiscal year end. I'd be taking those sick days and using them to send out resumes. How many of you can be sure that your salaries are included in the new year's budget, which takes effect on 4/1?

        Good luck to all!

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