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  • lskyscraper lskyscraper Mar 15, 2002 9:30 PM Flag

    CSC Is Doing Well

    Stock is up. No lay-offs lately. Getting new accounts. CSC must be on the right track!

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    • Yo, Skyscraper. What the hell part of CSC do you work for? A paycycle hasn't passed since last April without layoffs.

      Annual raises are being "delayed".

      Travel and training freeze is still on.

      Hiring freeze still in effect for non-direct positions.

      And contract wins have been very few and far between. Even many the few wins have been cancelled or put off. The recently announced contracts were re-ups from old work...NOT new accounts.

      Things may turn around. Maybe the stock is up a little in anticipation of better times ... but it's still not back to where it was after the last split a few years ago. and it's only back to about half of where it was before the great plunge to the 30's.

    • No layoffs lately? Obviously you don't know what you're talking about. I guess you were sleeping on March 8th. Many good people (again) lost their jobs. CSC seems to have some sort of dislike for talent - they keep most of the loosers and toss the real talent...all in the name of cost savings. But where are the savings when you don't have the workforce to put out quality products?

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      • Yes. That is exactly what has been happening for some years. Look at it this way: CSC/FSG does not need to pay for top quaility talent in order to sell a product. All they need is enough expertise to make the product APPEAR as quality. If they would have spent 1/3 of the money they wasted on litigation and inept managemnt, on a good technical staff they would have captured their market years ago. But they hire there own kind, only listen to there own kind and blame everyone else but there own kind. And now that they have failed miserably, they lay-off anyone who would discern the reason.

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