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  • fightin_back fightin_back Sep 22, 2004 12:22 PM Flag

    Gov't Says Terrorists Probably at Large

    THOUSANDS of illegals from terrorist-sponsoring countries have been apprehended at the US/Mexican border recently. Think they're being grilled by the FBI, the CIA, and the DHS for information about terrorist organizations? You'd be DEAD wrong! They were released! Oh, not back into Mexico or in their homelands - RIGHT INTO THE U. S. of A!

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    • Bluster and b.s. from someone who can't construct a decent sentence.

    • terryg8 Oct 1, 2004 10:39 AM Flag

      I think you were right on point when it comes to Kerry. It is too bad that President Bush failed to make these points in the debate. I think words are cheap and Kerry spends his cheap words as he would spend our hard earned tax dollar and that is all too freely and to no effect.

      Actions speak much more and predict better what we can expect from a man than any promises he might make to us in the heat of a political campain. In 1990, Irag had invaded Kwaite. Saddam had raped and pilliaged that country. He had seized their oil. His forces were on the border of Saudi Arabia. The UN voted to use force to remove Saddam from Kwaite. All of our allies were on board including Germany and France. JOHN KERRY VOTED AGAINT U.S. INVOLVEMENT AND USE OF OUR ARMED FORCES TO THROW SADDAM OUT OF KWAITE! Every condition that Kerry himself required to commit our forces to war had been met yet Kerry did not have the guts to commit our soldiers to the action. That being the case, how could we ever depend on John Kerry to EVER commit US forces to war even to DEFEND our nation in the event of a direct attack?

      Imagine our world had John Kerry been President and we had to rely on his judgement at that time. The coallision would have fallen apart. Saddam Husein would still be in power. He would controled all of the oil in Iraq, Kwaite, and most cetainly Saudi Arabia. He would hold the free world hostage to his dominate control of the world's oil market. His military would dominate the entire Middle East. Saddam would have expanded his stockpile of WMDs (and yes he did have them and did use them on his own people)and no doubt would have used them on Israel. At the very least we would have been faced with a major World War in the middle east by 1995.

      This lack of Kerry's judgement and backbone in only one example of why this man could and should never be allowed to become Commander and Chief of our armed forces and leader of the free world. He is more Dangerous than Neville Chamberlain ever was. There are many many more examples of Kerry's ACTIONS which clearly make him unfit to lead our country, yet President Bush failed to point out most of Kerry's lack of judgement and his weakness in the debate. Bush lost the debate big time last night and the undecided and uninformed will most certainly now swing their vote to Kerry.

      These are very dangerous times for our nation and our lack of leadership at this time is very clear.

    • or horrified by the 1000 bodybags that piled up in the 1st HOUR of D-Day which liberated Europe.

    • >The body bags keep comin' at an alarming rate.

      If about 1,000 body bags in a year is an "alarming rate", you must have been scared sh*tless by the 16,000 bodybags that piled up from all the murders that occurred in this country in 2002. (Source: US Department of Justice,

      Keep some perspective, or maybe you're just looking for more reasons to hate the President and his administration. In which case, no amount of discussion is worth having about it.

    • My vote for Bush this fall will have nothing to do with the Democrats failing to be negative enough, and I hope (I know, against facts) that negative advertising doesn't hold that much of a sway over my fellow citizens.

      I don't agree with most of what Bush promotes, but at least I know where he stands. Kerry has raised being an opportunist to an art form, and so even if he has some good ideas *today*, I have no faith that he will uphold them when faced with pressure tomorrow.

      It also disturbs me that Kerry is taking the position (genuinely or not) that France et al. should have been included in the Iraq War, else we were "going it alone". All we need to do is look at Resolution 1441, and then the corruption in the UN's Oil For Food Program and see why France and other nations opposed our actions in the Middle East. It had little to do with the actions being right or wrong, they opposed us because it was in their best interests to do so. As a result, I couldn't care less if we're not "Respected in the World" when "the World" is actively undermining us.

    • terryg8 Sep 30, 2004 12:18 PM Flag

      Ok fine Bush sucks and his policies suck. So stop whining and let's hear your plan. What should we do> VOTE FOR KERRY? WRONG!

    • The body bags keep comin' at an alarming rate. What's truly scary is that while Blair has ADMITTED that the intelligence was flat-out wrong, Bush doesn't have the guts to make that admission. He won't learn from his mistakes. That's why the border is still wide open, despite the carnage here at home. No, not "just" the 3,000 or so souls killed in NY and DC; it's the innocent citizens picked off by one's and two's by violent criminals imported from Mexico and elsewhere. Only the American people didn't ask for them; they invited themselves in.

      Bush says [see O'Reilly transcript] things are just fine on the border, and if they're not in any event they're getting better. It's time for the American public to tell him that "better" and "next year" aren't good enough; we want a secure border and we want it now.

    • The degree of HATE that liberals have toward Bush is a complete turn off
      Everything we have learned about hate we have learned from our Republican "brothers". Cast your mind back to a President named Clinton you with the selective memory.

      and will most certainly cost the Demo the election.
      If the election is won by DUBYA it will be because the Democrats were not nasty or mean spirited enough. The quality has been refined by your and brothers and Democrats just dont seem to have gotten the stomach for it yet.

      One can only hope they do soon as the disaster in the desert continues with a babbling buffoon as the leader.

    • terryg8 Sep 29, 2004 11:57 PM Flag

      I am most certainly not in the mold of sally Struthers!!!! I would be much closer to Archie Bunker less the racist thing. One problem I do have is how easy it is to refer to President Bush as "Dubya". I do not agree with everything Bush has done by a long shot (such as immigration) but overall I feel given all that has happened to our country in the last 3 1/2 years to have done a good job. His speach after 9/11 was awesome and historic. He pull most of America back together. Bush is not DUMB. He flew fighters. You can not be stupid and fly F 102s. He has a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. He is NOT the best of speakers but he has vision, character, and determination to what he thinks is right without turning to the polls every other minute.

      I find Kerry, on the other hand, to have no vision beyond becoming President. He will take whatever position works with who ever he happens to be speaking to at the time. He betrayed the men he "fought with in 1971. He is an out of control liberal who is not fit to lead anything.

      When you call President Bush names you lose me completely and any position you might take has zero value in my eyes. The degree of HATE that liberals have toward Bush is a complete turn off and will most certainly cost the Demo the election.

    • terryg8 Sep 29, 2004 11:42 PM Flag

      Actually there has been no conversion. I just go off tongue in cheek sometimes and type off the wall comments to agitate people. Can't help it, I get bored. Thanks for you comment on that post. I decided to be honest on how I see things.

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