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  • wastedtimepassed wastedtimepassed Aug 20, 2005 4:02 PM Flag

    CSC's New Slogan

    A nice place to work between jobs


    There is 24 hours in a day and we only want 20 of them.

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    • "...What the fuck does that mean? Don't you have enough damn sense to figure that out?"

      Gee, secret, that's just what I asked you in an earlier message when you noticed I accidently omitted a word from a sentence...

      Guess you are not only stupid, you are a hypocrite too...

      thanks for the proof....

      Now got back to trolling for whistlers for your twisted little choir.

    • "...Perhaps you are on in the same! "

      To quote one of your favorite phrases, What the fuck does that mean?...

      Look you ignorant sonofabitch, I am not 'aligned' with anyone else on this board, even though several of us share a common opinion of both you and CSC.

      I am not the least bit jealous of you, because by your own admission, you feel I am more successful than you are, and the tone of your posts would tend to confirm this.

      I am not the least bit pissed or unhappy about my job or financial situation, because as I have explained before, I work, when I want, for as much or as little as I want, it doesn't change the fact I do have money on hand and plenty to cover my expenses.

      Its funny you would mention New Orleans, my friends and I were just discussing what we could do to help, and probably will be sending money if not a truckload of personal supplies to help out with the relief effort...

      What have you done to contribute?

      More back to back messages on a website somewhere ranting about how jealous and whiney you think everyone else is?

      Now thats really productive...

    • "...I'll bet you are a flaming queer..."

      Since you've already admitted that trolling for people to have homosexual relationships with, was part of your job, it would seem like you've had experience with such things...

      So, how long have you been a pro, not so secret, skinflute, whistler?

      Also, has anyone else noticed that since secret the genius that he is, made that declaration in here, now all of a sudden he has people posting in here agreeing with him?

      Sounds like the troll traps need changing... There can't be 3 people in the US, let alone VA that would back secret's rants...

    • If I was to admit anything in your post was the truth, that would make me a lying sack of sh*t like you. I am working while your only job seems to be posting trash here on multiple aliases and making an a$$ of yourself....which you seem very proficient at.

    • Well lets see mervinlovestomumble....My name isn't Allen R....never worked in UNIX support, so in that respect, yeah I wouldn't say I was very knowledgeable about UNIX back then. I did know the person who supported UNIX in our division...his name was not Allen fact there was no Allen R. in ANY division I was in.

      Pay and hours at T were awesome. So were the bonuses and performance awards (most at CSC would have to look those words up).

      I and a handful of my colleagues lasted as long as we did at CSC because, as the SMEs for our unit, we had to train our off-shore replacements. After we left, there were plenty individuals with speech impediments working the application.

      I can't say I know much about you at all Rob....I mean Merv...other than you and your entire post are alot alike....full of sh*t.

    • Well you lose that bet. No betting on you though since you made the admission already. Only thing to bet on is who has more or that jacka$$ Rob from the T board who has posted here on 2 aliases today alone (see the dribble posted after your dribble).

    • Actually took some psych classes in college, and it was one of the smarter things I did in those years.

      Helped me to realize who the true assholes were in this world.

      Thanks for noticing.

      You've been posting during working hours again this morning... What's the matter, Van let you get off your knees only to find out orange is busy at the clinic this morning?

      Too bad, now, you'll spend the morning in here trying to be funny.

    • "...I never said that I was well off like you said that you were."

      That much was obvious given your attitude and admitted proclivity for seeking out high risk sexual partners.

      Seek help for your anger issues, and maybe you'll come to grips with your twisted sexuality along the way.

      If you haven't learned by now, this jealousy and rage you feel toward those you percieve as more successful than yourself, is self destructive, and needs to be dealt with if you have any hope of leading a normal life.

    • "...I said I got queers like you to suck MY dick skippy!"

      So, you admit to seeking out homosexuals so that you can participate in homosexual acts?

      That would make you a homosexual yourself, wouldn't it?

      Nuff said....

      Thanks for finally clarifying your relationship with orangewad!

    • Exactly admit to enjoying that sort of thing.... not me. But I guess you're a tad too dense to comprehend that.

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