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  • dickhurtz547 dickhurtz547 Oct 9, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

    To Join Or Not To Join

    Have been speaking to several people in the Commercial Consulting Practice about Joining as a Senior Partner. Given the state of the company as a whole, is this even close to being a good idea? I do like the CSC consulting model and the depth of the expertise in the practice; but does this out weigh the risk? Does any one know if their are going to be wide spread cuts to this group?

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    • You're nothing but a damn scammer. Get lost loser.

    • The use of Partner, Senior Partner, Director, etc. is a joke! CSC should focus on a real, functional organizational structure. This is not a Partnership!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • As a recently left, by choice after more than 10 years, veteran of the company, I would say that the term "Senior Partner" seems like a late attempt at slapping a new "product/service" name out there to charge more money for what you really should be getting, anyway. Don't be deceived by terms like "Expertise", etc. The behind the scenes front-line people may very well be coming from or in India and not have much experience at all. In today's world, you may be better off in looking for a smaller company that REALLY does care about the day to day operations of their clients. Yes, the courting stage is nice, lots of money expended for your dinners, golfing, etc., But, in the end, it's going to be YOU that your company is asking as to why results are not happening and why there are problems with the vendor. Going with an old 500lb gorilla isn't necessarily the best thing to do if you need to move quickly. CSC is no longer an innovator. Much of the management does NOT like new ideas because ideas=cost for R&D. It has become a typical "Queen Mary" with frowning on those who try to take the company to new heights. There is no room for entrepreneur type thinking at CSC, period. Yes, that's my opinion. But as an entrepreneur now, I would never choose this type of company in which to trust my business critical systems. Finally, ask this question "HOW MANY RESOURCES WILL YOU BE ASSIGNING THAT ARE FROM YOUR INDIA GROUP...EITHER STATIONED HERE OR IN INDIA? WHAT PERCENTAGE WILL THAT BE OF MY ENTIRE ASSIGNED TEAM?"

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      • I'm not impressed with the workers from India. No common sense whatsoever. They cause more problems than they resolve which the inshore employees eventually end up fixing and that's the gods honest truth. I had the opportunity of working with an india employee and we were 4 hours ahead of schedule of completing our task at a vendor site. When it came time for the India employee to complete their task, they ran into an issue and their stupid pride prevented them to ask help from anyone. The jerk-off put us 8 hours behind schedule and we had to ask for a day extension from the vendor which cost the company thousands. This was just one incident that I experienced working with someone from India.

        Another event occurred when a server engineer from India was installing a server onto the LAN network and was experiencing problems establishing network connectivity. Well, the idiot started disconnecting cables from the communications switch and brought multiple sites down. Just about everyone knows that ports on the communications switch are disabled for security reasons. Only a network engineer can enable the port. The India engineer didn't bother to contact a network engineer to seek assistance. Eventually, an on-call engineer (inshore) was called to back track and trace all the network connections and recover them. It took several hours to recover network connectivity to the sites.

        Finally, it's horrible to work with someone from India when you're on-call. When they call, they are not apologetic for waking you up like most people would normally do. They will call you about the most trivial "common sense" type problems. I don't have to explain to you that when you get a late night call, it takes a couple of minutes for anyone to "wake-up" fully. It's a horrible experience to wake up and listen to someone who has a heavy Indian accent. It's like listening to someone talking with their tongue on the floor. It's bad enough to get called in the middle of the night but to have to listen to someone and try to decipher what the hell the idiot was saying. Eventually, they want you to get out of bed to log on and start a IM connection. What a phuking pain.

      • As an ex-CSCer (7 years) and left of my own accord in July (not via redundancy) I would agree whole heatedly with bobxsmith. In CSC the people made the company and I speak to people still there and they are in turmoil and all of the good people are jumping!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • A bit better than the soap line, I suppose. If you are on UI it might be something of a stepping stone I guess. Best of luck!

    • Say No to CSC.

      CSC is going the way of low life company with no long term goals aka "a body shop or sweat shop" Making employees work hard while cutting benefits. In latest, they have cut benefits to bare bone, you cannot even have your family into medical benefit. CSC is taking full advantage of weak economy to screw employees to the max.

    • Let me weigh in on this discussion from a client facing prospective. As a current user of consulting services (Strategy & IT) I have evaluated CSC as a potential vendor for my global organization. This was the take away from that evaluation/” bake off”.
      Compared to the competition (IBM, Accenture, Delloitte etc..) CSC does not rank in the top 5 vendors.
      The turmoil at all levels of the organization are a big red flag and demonstrates an overall lack of vision and stability at every level. From a client view point my organization needs a stable provider not one prone to huge change.
      CSC consulting lacks vision. Compared to the completion there has been no “innovative thinking “ to come out of CSC in years. While other organizations are publishing White Papers etc.. and proposing new and expanded thoughts on the changing business environment, CSC is silent
      New management at CSC (all levels) is possibly more arrogant and non customer facing then the last group. As a Vendor I have interacted with both so can claim first hand knowledge
      In short CSC is a business process out sourcing firm that is caught in a price war with the likes of Wipro, TCS & Cognizant. It is not a credible strategy firm. My recommendation is pass on CSC (unless you are desperate for a job) and consider one of the top tier service providers

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • @dickhurtz547.... do you really expect to be taken seriously with a moniker like that? Here are some answers to your questions assuming that you are serious in your interest about CSC

      1. There will not be any positions with the title "Partner" nor any derivative thereof. These titles will be eliminated as part of the CSC Transformation which is driving towards a Corporately consistent hierarchy.

      2. What is it that you like about the CSC Consulting model? Consulting will be part of the new Global Business Services organization.

      3. And what depth of expertise are you referring to?

      3. Yes, there have been and (one can assume) will be wide spread cuts to this group. Especially as the new CEO works to remove five (5) layers of management from CSC. In other words, there will be no more "Senior Partner."

    • In a word - yes.

    • Don't expect to get reasonable response from the folks on this MB, but as a current employee, one that is cautiously optimistic and soon to be accused of drinking the koolaid, I will say that we haven't been in this strong of a position in many years. Discipline has returned to the bidding process, the fat is being trimmed from the grossly overstuffed management layers, and strong ethics are returning. Our Balance Sheet is strengthening by the day as we make better decisions about what we buy. Straight talk has replaced messaging from the corp jet high above the clouds. The walls have been torn down and we have a CEO that works out a cube and makes his own coffee. As the soil is turned, some will exit, but the seeds planted will take root and have a good support system for growth. Good luck with whatever choice you make.

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