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  • shorthighcoverlower shorthighcoverlower Oct 9, 2011 9:47 AM Flag

    the good news

    to have more than a 10% drop is a bummer, but doing so on below average daily volume, makes it more palatable, because that phenom implies the selling pressure could be short lived.

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    • Friday was the highest daily volume since Sept 1. You should look more carefully and analyse the numbers before putting you foot in your mouth. Three month averages mean very little when a stock has devalued down nearly 70%.
      I may buy in when it gets in the 4's. At that point someone will step in or the board will at last take some action. I think they may take action before then, they should. Someone should be held accountable for the abysmal performance during what should have been good times.

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      • you can't just throw around numbers and
        say this is going to 4.. there are 12 million
        shares. Something will happen before this
        stock is ever valued at what would be less
        than one of its JV's alone. 16.75 book value
        is not a misprint.
        I'm looking forward to news of production in
        LSR JV and a resolution to the Euro crisis.
        Sugar prices have already begun to cooperate,
        and are forecast to be lower for 2012. Yes,
        16. Technically speaking there are supports

    • i agree, however i hope it stays at these levels because i need to save nore money, just 1 more month i want to buy moore i only have 300 shares right now