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  • skiidady skiidady Nov 10, 2011 11:12 AM Flag

    The $5 Level

    $5 is quite significant due to margin ratios start increasing below $5 and many mutual funds will not invest in shares below $5. If $5 is broken for a significant amount of time margin calls will squeeze longs and end of year porfolio adjustments will exclude IPSU. Add a little tax loss selling and you've got a disaster for longs between now and Jan.1 without even mentioning the bomb that is due to drop with the 10K. Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

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    • what's interesting about your post Ski is that most of what you're saying will cause the stock to fall isn't company related. Yes yes, I get the 10-Q, however, what you're also saying is that the stock becomes a pure retail stock as well.

      Well, don't know what to think, you're trading fundamentals seem sound based on price, margin, and institutional requirements. There is one thing I don't get however, Wentworth refines imported sugar, not domestic, it says so right in the prior 10-Q and if you've ever seen Wentworth you'll see ships at the dock unloading. If they're using imported, then why the problem?