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  • bob.bull99 bob.bull99 Dec 21, 2011 11:37 PM Flag

    Krieger still waiting for an apology, skiidady..

    Skiidady, from your childish attacks, you have many foes, not just buyloww and the others. I'm amazed that Krieger hasn't replied to you. Maybe he is to nice a guy. You call it "stalking". Actually its no more than angry replies to your nonsense. I mean, when you go from a "strong sell" to a "strong buy" on WINN, just because your foe says avoid it, don't you expect some ridicule? I did have some call options in WINN form several weeks ago, and made som fair money. I really hop you bought some calls but if you did, why did you go back to a "strong sell" as your last post? Anyway---I mean this--Merry Christmas, and stop being a meanie and maybe people will start being nicer to you.

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