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  • bangorang2003 bangorang2003 Oct 11, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

    FRIBOURG CHARLES A purchased a total of 67.6K shares on 9/29/2011

    insiders keep buying as price goes doesn't get better than that team

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    • I'm a trader, you sound more of an investor type... perhaps reading trading strategies, market functions, black boxes, algorithms etc. maybe of some help...the world has changed, I wish you luck!

    • thanks for your thoughts and insight on the possible hedging those two might be doing...even if they are shorting to be able to keep buying, there is only one reason to do so and that's to gain control..the Market cap is only 400 million...the debt against assets is only 30% and easily manageable with current revenue especially since they still pay out .88 cents p/yr in dividends. Also they have billion in liquidity on the credit lines and management has been reducing GA costs each qr against the down turn in rates. But getting back to the insider buying, who would tie up 100 million for valuation to go lower..and if you are shorting, you must be able to cover immediately if the position goes against you...That said, I believe your insight on how they can do this legally must be valid, 8 million short, only makes sense if you control most of it like the two directors that now over 5 million shares total not including Oct purchases which I haven't seen yet come up. But, both have file 13D's which is usually a precursor to Take out. It will be interesting for sure. Even during the melt down 2009 this stock was trading well above 20...

    • Look again, there's loop holes all over, their purchases are reported as

      "These shares are held indirectly through an entity. The Reporting Person disclaims beneficial ownership of these shares except to the extent of his pecuniary interest in these shares"

      Please read several form 4s in the following SEC link ...

      In general, hedge funds and banks own warrants/convertibles as well as short positions as hedges against loans, thus could be the dilution and insiders can lend their shares to shorts in which they have ownership interest.

      Also, I doubt they can pre-purchase shares with an attempt to go private without disclosure, moreover it appears there's too much debt and too little income to warrant going private.

      I have no position, was just doing some DD and thought I'd share it.

    • now controls 4.1% of company..1.5 million shares...who is selling is my question...