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  • rbct924 rbct924 Mar 17, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    neighborhood Ray just finished another 8k.........


    while you slobs laid on your couch eating chips & donuts....wondering how to get out of this Peix slop with minimum LO$$........aint gonna happen!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Ray an 8K is your code for 8 kans of Spam! 'Your' not fooling anyone!


      • 1 Reply to biff_smith1
      • ray what's your price target for HK, which you own 200,000 shares of? It was $20 by the end of 2012!! It's at $7.00 now, you idiot.

        Remember when I told you to buy TWI at $20 and then you made fun of me because it dipped to $18?
        Well it's been to $27. since then! HK, well... doesn't go anywhere but down! You are a clown ray!

        Just follow TWI and you will have just one example out of 24 of why I am filthy rich, especially compared to you,...


        P.S. Let me explain by saying that raybullshidda claims to own 200K shares of HK purchased at 0.66 per. ray intends to sell those shares @ 0.69..which will give him a long term gain of 160%.. hehehe. ray has calculated this using his special BullshiddaMoronMath which no one in the world has ever been able to comprehend, but ray says it works very well.

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