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  • jackmcclain171 jackmcclain171 Apr 22, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    OT: Giant Sunspot Aiming At Earth...AGAIN!

    The frequency of these things aiming at us is taking on the appearance of a NON-RANDOM event!

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    • so a late crop planting in the northern hemisphere followed by record heat?

    • Obviously you have been SITTING OUT INTHE SUN WAY WAY TOO MUCH!! Oh and don't forget the other appearance of other NON-RANDOM Celestial events like the planets aligning and the world ending like the Mayan Calendar scare of last Dec. 21, 2012.........LMAO It's all a conspiracy from somewhere maybe President Obama ordering NASA and some other Govt. agency to start controlling our Sun to spite the Oil Companies with more Solar Panel power..........Quick!.Call The Tea Party and Fox news and expose them

    • Jack stick to the jokes. Aiming?
      To simplify the phenomena lets say a solar flare is like a straw. Now the sun expels it but as it escapes the main gravitational pull of the sun it get pulled to a closer gravitational force. In this case it's earth.

      To complete the analogy the straw gets spit out of one hole and falls in to a stream that takes it to another hole. So unless your bathwater is aiming for the drain no intent can not be discerned.

      Books are not just for stabilizing wobbly tables.

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      • sash, you and marginalmaiden, clearly don't know the difference between a postulation and an assertion. Both of you maybe should go ask your nearest Univ. astronomy dept to build a transparent globe, with the sun in the center and earth on its orbital track around it. Then plot the solar flares that have erupted over the last (e.g.,) 5 years, their direction and intensity, and see how many times out of the total number of flares there has been an intersection with the orbit of Earth. If you consider the total volume of that sphere and the total number of directions a flare could go, it might be interesting to see how many intersection points there are. OR, it might show nothing. But YOU won't know until YOU have checked it out.

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