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  • domenicocarbone domenicocarbone Jun 15, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    deep red

    someone tell me why is red peix every day? but they are just so incompetent? last year was arrived at 0.68 cents. a news release and did get to 0.28 cents. then split, did get to 5.60 and now 3.7, but what the hell combine these?

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    • elahens Jun 16, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

      To better the trend in the industry, read the latest CC ( May 22) of REX American Resources. Why REX?
      Their quarter ended in April, so they reported the impact of a drastic turn as of end of March,
      When a turning point is happening or has happened, there is a delay of 4-5 months before it is shown in the numbers.
      REX caught it, reported it and theit charts shows this.

      Now for the industry, the drought was long coming 2Q12.., AND until drought. Once there is a physiscal shortage, it is not over until the next harvest.
      Two things came in the way : 1- the ethanol industry adjusted quickly(cut down on production) ,and the RINs bank acted the way it was designed to. This pushed down demand. As a result, as of March 28, an extra estimated 400mil bushels was esimated to be available at year-end. This fact cut down the cost of corn but did noty creater it. Why? because ALL e commercial users had already bought 'insurance'(either supply, futures, otions). So what we are seeing now is the residual transactions of the drought. 2- The second factor that happened is the 2nd corn harvest (they have 2 harvests of corn per year) was larger than expected. This creates a buffer of supply as early as July. Now the big buyers China and the like bought some ahead of the US. but we will have some flowing to U.S in August to buffer our needs until our own harvest in October.

      The controlled cost of corn is on, the end-of-super-high cost cd corn is in sight. REX shows the impact of the turn-aoround. The end of the "deep red" should also be.
      o In past two years, capacity was rationaliized, corn ooil extraction added to revenue and margins and MANAGEMENT learned how to modulate their inventory ( up and down).

      Enjoy the new ERA of an industry turn-around!

    • My Guess

      1.) Warrant holders shorting against the box

      2.) (Management Assisting warrant holders in shenanigans)

      3.) Some One Wants (Warrant Holders) to Own All they CAN,but CHEAPEST Possable.

      3.) A. The Vote Proposition 5 in the proxy ~ to allow a particular group to own passed the 20% limit of the commons.

      (Management Put this Up for a Vote,to allow a particular group to own passed the 20% limit of the commons)

      they are Assiting Warrant Holders in a Scam

      Just My Conspiracy Theory

    • ...whoever sold this junk @1.presplit.,is smiling from ear to ear...:))

    • Dom,

      First you tell me why foreigners are attracted to the shares of "experimental companies" that have no history
      of profitability, aside from a good Qtr. once in a Blue Moon? Hey, maybe I just touched on why the share price is where it is?


    • but those investors who had the option to purchase peix to 0.52 cents that say about all this? accept the shady maneuvers of the CEO

3.54-0.10(-2.75%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST