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  • johnnybegood756 johnnybegood756 Sep 20, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    Is a new all time low coming?

    Last offering was 4.19. After all share was sold, we went down to 3.77.
    4.19 to 3.77 is a lost of 11%. If I apply the same percentage to 3.77, are we going down to 3.35.

    It is going down now, look like everything was sold.

    If Neil make another dividend paiement from the new all time low, it will be at 3.35$/shares and he will get 31788 shares.

    If he makes a second one dividend paiement from today, it will be, 3.35 *11% = 2.98$ per share. So Neil will get 35735 shares. Then, there will be 2.1 millions left to be paid. (3.6 millions - two dilutons of 741000k). There will be 3 last dividend paiement. Got the pictures.

    So if nothing happen positive, profit or anything as good news and he is presenting an even quarter, new dilution will come and we will be close to 2$ when all the dividend paiements will be completed.

    That's our target if it continues like that.

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    • We are getting close to the 3.35. The 3.45 all time low should be beaten soon.

    • Everyone on these boards who believe Neil is manipulating the share price need to sell right now and be done with it. Why are you investing in a company whose management you don't believe in?

      The fact is that Neil holds only a small amount of the preferred shares which means on balance he is getting diluted just like everyone else.

      Whining about manipulation is exactly what the shorts here want you to believe.

      Think, what are the chances that nobody in the hedge fund world and SEC have noticed this, but some strangers on the Yahoo MB know all about it?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • yea.....& MLB had no CLUE players were JUICING.......!
        the hedge fund world & SEC,,,,,,,,,,,,are INVOLVED in it CLOWN!

      • I agree that is diluting his shares too but between you and me, I would like to get my share the same way as Neil get his than the way I got mine. He is having share at the all time low or close because he knows when we will make an offering. It is not a fair game.

        Remember, in december the 31st 2012, he said about the next dividend paiement

        '' In connection with the issuance of the Shares, each of the holders agreed to forbear from exercising such holder’s rights, if any, held by such holder with respect to the remaining accrued and unpaid dividends through June 30, 2014.''

        In march the 28th 2013, the date changed too ''......September 30, 2014'''
        In july the 26th the date changed too ''.......December 31, 2014''

        Now, the forbear date is March 31, 2015. It's a fuxxn #$%$ because we had dilution before each date that was announced and by changing all the time the forbear date. When the next paiement will be due and how are they going to pay it?

        Can you predict the next paiement date and where will be the bottom?

        If you don't, Neil knows it!!!!

    • is a new all time low coming................yea
      temporarily.......until the NEWER all time low comes.......TEMPORARILY.....get the PICTURE numbnuts?

    • Johnny tell your theory to the SEC. I think you should pick a price and get out
      because it looks to me like you will sell in a panic if you don't If you have no faith in
      the company at all, you should get out.


    • Johnny, are you suggesting that Good Buddy and his pals sold the shares that they were just "awarded"? There must be a way to verify that, since it would likely show up as an Insider Sell with the SEC. I am not sure of this, and don't have the discretionary time to check right now, but perhaps someone else (a normal, intelligent person that isn't Bullshitti or zitface or one of his other lame aliases) knows more about this?

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      • They will not sold their share that they were just awarded. I'm saying that if the same patern continue for the months to come, they will get more share from new offering (dilution) for paying the rest of the dividend which is 3.6 million$. Just to see that as possibility but not in something that can happen.

        Ask to your self if this can remain a possibility, look at all the fact around Neil's manipulation. There is 5 times 741000 dividend paiement left. Look at the last two offering, the price went down from 4.19 to 3.77 and probably goes lower at a price of 3.35$/share, if it follow the same patern. Neil said on the uncommun equities report that he is expecting a Q3 quarter of 0.02 profit per share, a break even quarter. The PPS will stick to this price and new offering will come at a lower price and more share for Neil for the same paiement.

        Look at all the pictures and you will have an idea about the worst scenario that can happen for shareholder and the best interest for NEIL.

        I still hope to see a good Q3 numbers and PPS upward more than 5 times but if it doesn't happen because of what I have explained..... If everybody fill his SEC complaint form, we have a little possiblity to avoid that scenario. It doesn't cost anything but sure will help. I don't trust this guys and everything he says and write it is all smoke and mirror. Better hit before to get it.

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