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  • liquidnumber2 liquidnumber2 Sep 21, 2013 10:30 PM Flag

    Who's really stinking up this board?

    Biff and his $4.35 buys or people like myself who are smarter than that?

    Biff was geting hot over .20 but has a .69 loss on his $4.35 buy.

    Something smells funny... and it sure it's me.

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    • $4.35,not a bad highest buy

      Knowing this is a double or triple in the near future

      not even worth talking about plumber

      if something stinks , it's you not realizing margins Tripled in the Quarter

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      • Off-topic Kel, I just checked my records. I bought 1000 BIOF @ $5.00 on 6 / 15 / 2012; it was THE FIRST TRADE after the 1/20 R/S. No one seemed to want to do anything so I got things started. hehehe.

        I told them on the board and they called me a loser and other names little kids like might use.

        I sold those shares on 9 / 14 / 2012 @ $8.56 for a gain of $3558.27 or 71.17% in three months!
        I believe that was a Friday when I sold and the following Monday the shares peaked at $10.75,
        so the guy or girl (diarrheagirl) who bought my shares could have made 25% or if she just held, she is down
        55% and holding a lottery ticket.

        If I wasn't quite sure I could sell my $4.35 (my highest price) for at least a double, I wouldn't have bought shares all the way down as low as $3.52 ! I wouldn't own any shares!

        We have posters on this board who can't even break even if they sell at $4.35 X 3.. and they still hang around.
        That is what I would call a complete waste of time. If you aren't willing to average down, take the loss.


      • Here's another think Miss Kelly.. Biff was the jerk not me. I just finished it. I wasn't being an a(ss)hole, I was joking around, Biff got mad over nothing.

      • "Knowing this is a double or triple in the near future"

        Do you know that because a paid shill told.. whoops... I mean, sold you that?

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