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  • slashnuts slashnuts Oct 9, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    In Play GERS Sues PEIX for Infringing Corn Oil Patents

    In Play!

    GERS sues PEIX for patent infringement of it's corn oil extraction process.

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    • GPRE's corn oil revenue had a nice gain in the quarter. This will translate into strong earnings when GERS' reports. What's good for GPRE is good for GERS. More money to bring patent infringers like PEIX to justice.

      PEIX is building up damages owed to GERS on a daily basis. Treble damages are 3X's the regular royalty for intentional infringement.

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    • GERS' #1 customer GPRE reports after the bell. Probably around 5p.m. CST.
      GERS is suing PEIX to protect GPRE's competitive advantage over patent infringing PEIX.

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      • GERS Desporation Move by Sueing Over 20 Companies. gers shr. price = 0.0003

        1. Pacific Ethanol, Inc, CA
        2. Guardian Energy, LLC, MN
        3. Adkins Energy LLC, Lena, IL
        4. ACE Ethanol, LLC Stanley, WI
        5. Western New York Energy, LLC NY
        6. Lincolnway Energy, LLC Nevada, IA
        7. Bushmills Ethanol, Inc. Atwater, MN
        8. Cardinal Ethanol, LLC Union City, IN
        9. Little Sioux Corn Processors, LLP, IA
        10. Blue Flint Ethanol, LLC Underwood, ND
        11. Al-Corn Clean Fuel, LLC Claremont, MN
        12. Aemetis Advanced Fuels Keyes, Inc, CA
        13. Big River Resources Galva, LLC Galva, IA
        14. Lincolnland Agri-Energy, LLC Palestine, IL
        15. Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC Lawler, IA
        16. Heartland Corn Products, LLC Winthrop, MN
        17. Big River Resources West Burlington, LLC, IL
        18. Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co., LLLP Benson, MN
        19. Iroquois BioEnergy Company, LLC Rensselear, IN
        20. United Wisconsin Grain Producers, LLC Friesland, WI
        21. Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC, Council Bluffs, IA

    • GERS licensed their patents and are getting royalty's from GPRE, BIOF, ANDE, SXL, MPC, Calgren, Advanced Bioenergy, United Ethanol, Marquis Energy, and many more. PEIX/AMTX purchased lower yielding, patent infringing systems. They're both burning millions on lawsuits they're losing.

      GERS largest customer is GPRE.
      GERS is suing PEIX in order to protect the competitive advantage GPRE has over PEIX.

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    • AMTX planning to R/S again. You heard it here first.

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      • The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Mark Angelo and his formerly $1 billion Jersey City, N.J., hedge fund firm, Yorkville Advisors, with fraud on Wednesday, alleging they overvalued assets under management and exaggerated returns. The tactics of Yorkville Advisors have been the subject of several Forbes articles, which noted that one Yorkville fund, YA Global Investment Fund I, never had a down month from February 2001 to July 2008 until a stunning reversal saw it report a drop of 33% in 2010, most of it in the single month of December 2010, suggesting a big mark-to-market adjustment while the stock market was rising. Forbes reported in 2010 that Yorkville had disclosed to investors that it had provided information to the SEC at the direction of securities regulators.

        GERS owes YA Global 24 million in loan payments by December 31, 2013..., I guess that explains all the lawsuits filed by GERS...., they need the money

    • PEIX is infringing key oil extraction patents that other companies like GPRE, BIOF, ANDE, SXL and MPC are licensed to use. PEIX and AMTX are both being sued and both being run into the ground by their crooked CEO's.

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    • The reason why GPRE, SXL, MPC, BIOF, ANDE and many more licensed GERS oil extraction patents is because they are not patent infringing scams like PEIX and AMTX. Even Calgren, PEIX's partner is licensed with GERS in California. Producers licensed with GERS obtain much higher yields and make more money. They're also not burning millions on worthless lawyers defending against unbeatable patents.

      PEIX is the worst run company in the industry. It's business model is broken. Investors have zero confidence in NK. He's a crooked con-artist.

      GERS has several billion gallons of ethanol production under license. A summary judgment is being considered by the judge. PEIX could get hit with an injunction at any time.
      Strong Sell...

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • NK is a #$%$. PEIX will eventually file for another (final) bankruptcy.
      Stealing GERS patented oil extraction technology has sent this stock down a slippery slope of no return. PEIX is burning millions they don't have defending against a lawsuit they can't win.

      NK is not trusted at all by investors, the PPS proves it.

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    • That's a press release written by the the plaintiff
      It has NO credibility on the merits of the case.

    • "PEIX infringes and will continue to infringe one or more claims of the 858 patent.
      PEIX's infringement has been willful, deliberate, and objectively reckless.
      PEIX's infringing activities have injured and will continue to injure GERS until this court enters an injunction prohibiting furthur infringement."

      GERS asks this court to enter judgement against PEIX.
      For a preliminary injunction prohibiting furthur infringement of the 858 patent.
      A permanent injunction prohibiting furthur infringment of the 858 patent.
      An award of damages to compensate GERS for the infringement that's occurred."

      Stay away from PEIX, they're being sued and ICM is already losing for stealing patented technology...

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    • ANDE bought a plant with Edeniq oil extraction equipment in it. ANDE licensed this plant with GERS.
      PEIX's business model is broken. They are infringing GERS' patents and digging through the dumpster for feedstock out of desperation.

      Both the Edeniq and AOS systems are simply patented additives. Oil must 1st be extracted with GERS' method before the additives come into play. The sodium and ethanol additives are useless without GERS' method patents of extraction from concentrated stillage.

      The use of additives doesn't get PEIX around GERS' patents and that's why they're being sued.

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