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  • gammajumper gammajumper Dec 12, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    blah blah blah

    lets see... down for the week approx 20%. Only 300K shares of up volume all week versus 1,800,000 down. Going into friday with the trend going down.... blah blah blah. Unless the pumpers have more ammo then they've shown, tomorrow will be either flat on little volume or the downtrend continues. Then we have Monday and like I said before, I'm not so sure all the tax loss selling is done. Pumpers are out in force to cover their paint job yesterday. Don't get sucked into their little trap. This turd will trade between $3 and $4 until the next big announcement from Neil and his cronies, which will be sometime in mid Jan

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    • dude,
      its not the 300k to the 1.8MM, its the 1.8MM (as you calculate it, spuriously),,,it's the 1.8MM to the 8MM of up volume the prior two weeks. The downmove is secondary to the primary uptrend. The stock is making higher lows and higher highs.. No one can predict accurately *consistently* the short term vibrations of a stock. And you sir, failed to analyze things correctly, so there is not a lot of credibility earned.

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      • the drop from 2.33 to 4.69 was a result of the massive selloff from the herd mentality following the disappointing Q3 earnings announcement. Just like 2.33 was an overreaction, so was the run to 4.69. Until there is a positive catalyst, which will only come as we get closer to earnings this stock is in a holding pattern which IMO is much closer to the trading range established the previous 3 weeks to the Q3 earnings announcement. Couple that with the fact there is some unfinished business regarding the warrants expiring in January as well as some long term holders who will sell for tax losses before Dec 31 and you can easily see us hanging out in the $3 - $4 range through mid Jan.

        Until the end of the year, I am bearish on this stock. This stock is also highly manipulated because generally it is a thinly traded. Additionally, this stock attracts a gambler mentality which multiplies the swings.

        If you base your opinion on fundamentals of the company, how much more ethanol can they produce. Until Madera reopens they are pretty much running flat out with their current capacity. Where is the bottom line growth going to come from. Take a good hard look at this companies debt structure as well as their dilution of the common and you should be very skeptical of their ability to fundamentally improve their net earnings.

        And finally don't call me "sir"

    • elahens Dec 12, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

      Someone may want to offload shares and debt papers to
      some other bank who may want to write small-business loan BEFORE year-end.
      This is another possibility : restructuring now for a clean sheet next year.

    • The FREAK show in Sacramento is a SCAM.......Neil can't even pick his nose on his own......
      he is an idiot......always will be......nuff said......see ya back around 2.50.....till BLOWOUT earnings.....Lmao!

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