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  • mdbsastud mdbsastud Apr 4, 2014 12:21 PM Flag

    Quote from Schaefer and Najaran: "now we see why it was 'undervalued'"

    "Because wiser men then us thought this mgmt team had not an ounce of respect and consideration for shareholders. They were correct. We were wrong."

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      • elahens Apr 4, 2014 12:53 PM Flag

        Buy Good Management not 'companies'....

        Dilution has just started. 5.5 Warrants out.
        Warrant holders can 'short' all they want and be covered down to $7.5.

        Najaran should have done his homework when he said 'On March Expiration day" that there was a 'train issue' OUT WEST... The challenge was in the EAST.
        West was riding a phony horse. The money he made in March he probably lost in April.
        Some in the ETHANOL industry was scalping its own market,
        destroying its E15 E85 base for a few months of profits.

        Now Big Oil has something to complain about: you cannot keep your trains on-time.
        Ethanol Industry is passing the blame to the railroads.

        You got to treat your 'customers' ( blenders) right.
        Now they are out buying supplies from other suppliers.

        The public ( Mr Joe and Jane driver) is now learning why gasoline will be
        more expensive this spring.

        Now Watch :
        1 Price slide, Margins get thinner, Stock dives
        2. The Ads. by Big Oil ( ethanol cost you money "did this to you")

        ****************** better course woud have been to use 4Q cash to refinance right there and then, and second choice to lock-in low corn cost in that order. Not hand-over your cash to the deb holders, again and again, and then dump your shares at a lower price to the bankers to load-up on your stock 'lovers' **********!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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