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  • sidibid1 sidibid1 May 2, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    Warrants past issue?

    The 2.7 million warrants are now accounted for. If PEIX makes the same or more with Madera operating for the next year, this is at least $6/share in earnings. The company has no debt and owns its facilities. This should be a $30-$100 stock. What am I misssing?

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    • the stock appears to be under the radar. If they can demonstrate consistent profitability and continued progress towards cheaper feedstocks, then the market will probably react in due time. The big question for the long term is the outlook for higher ethanol blended fuels. To me, this stock is trading at least a 70% discount to other producers, but we've got a long history of reverse splits and dilution to get past before people get comfortable with pure play ethanol companies. Only my opinion, and I could be wrong.

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    • You are missing their debt. I think you posted on the wrong board. They have a high debt to equity ratio. And Madera is $6 in earnings? Really? did you come up with that? What are margins at madera? What is the price of ethanol? What is corn price? What is D6 RIN price? This stock has a beta of almost 4.....that should tell you something. But can be a $100 stock.....but it needs corn to drop a buck to where it was in first quarter and it needs ethanol to go up almost double to where it was. Oh yeah, it needs D6 ethanol rins to go up about 40% back to where they were. Oh yeah, it needs Brazil to continue to stay out of the US the drought continues...and.........on and on and on and on....

    • If you're suggesting it is a $30-$100 a share, your missing about $16-$86 p/ share. Simple math. ha. just kidding. It could get there, possibly, one day..... As soon as their metrics become normalized and warrants no longer loom, PEIX will trade closer to it's competitors. There's still a little bit of story left on this come back company. Every good story has some twists and turns that draw out suspense. And like every good story, PEIX will come through in the end. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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