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  • sidibid1 sidibid1 May 7, 2014 12:25 AM Flag

    Warrant price adjustment $15.58 on March 31

    So now being down 4.5 on 2.7M warrants will add back over $11M of the $32M adjustment next quarter if the price stays low.

    Are traders and/or computers really this stupid to not understand what the quarter's earnings really were? I have seen it before, for example on Officemax where the finances showed huge debt which didn't exist except on paper - bought at $4 sold at $13.5.

    PEIX is this same situation all over - total misunderstanding and misapplication of financial data on the internet.

    PEIX will earn somewhere between $6 and $10 per share over the next year. This stock will be $50 to $100 in a year if not far higher.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • there are 5.5mm warrants per the CFO MAy 1.
      EPS will likely be between. 4-6 for 2014.
      1.53 in the bag
      2.50-4.50 more to come.
      cash flow could be 7-8 share as was 2.20 in Q1
      no way to know,
      but safety wise,
      10mm net debt currently,
      but if 2mm warrants exercised, very conservative figure for 2014,
      15mm cash there,
      plus 50-75mm from ops Q2-Q4
      minus 20MM CAPEX
      company could have from
      30-60mm net cash by end of year, if no acquisitions,
      not bad compare to all the fear-mongering and panic mindedness of late.
      The only thing to fear is fear itself.

    • so you think they will earn between $6 and $10 per share over the next 4 quarters?? Really? Last quarter they were getting $4/gallon for ethanol and their corn prices were low $4s. are saying then that this year.....corn is going to drop almost a buck and ethanol is going to double? That and those 5.5M warrants they said are out there.....have all been excercised? There average strike price is about $ that sounds like what the stock is worth to me. But hey....if she starts running up...I will jump on board. I am not too proud.

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      • After I see a Deep V in the Chart and It looks to recover I will reload

        I'm not buying till I see it's done.

        Weather it be the Gap filled or the 200 day moving average.

        Not interested in catching a falling knife , It's Gotta Bounce Hard !

        If I miss the first dollar or 2 , OH Well.

        It's going to have to go Up $1.50 for me to believe it

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