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  • Gstempler Gstempler May 30, 2002 3:58 PM Flag


    look for this stock to open lower on friday--no bagain hunting for this stock on the close!!!

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    • the stock consolidated and had some gains in the last hour. Should have a green day tomorrow.

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      • in life. They go up and down but what is the trend? What will the p/e be, if the business plan is executed, after 2-3 years of these growth rates assuming the current stock price? Is this growth sustainable? Would you have wanted to be in MickeyD's at this point in its build out back in 1958? (After all, they were just another burger joint.) Could PNRA duplicate McDonald's execution? These are things to think about as you ponder the future of this company and its stock performance. I have done quite well ignoring virtually 99% of what is written on this and other stock boards. (Especially comments without factual substantiation which are intended to manipulate others on these boards.) I still read various boards to find the occasional pearl of valuable info. Most of what is read should be printed, cut up into little squares, and placed in your bathroom in case you ever run out of TP. Congratulations to Ron Shaich and the PNRA team for another outstanding earnings report. Good luck to all.

    • Can you elaborate and explain your thesis a little? Just by saying the stock is going down and will continue to go down, all you do is bash the stock.

      The information given today sounds reliable, the financial forecast is promising and the financials are looking good.

      So what is your problem?


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      • i actually live in coconut creek--

        technically this stock is expensive on a price valuation-they may have good earnings--but the time to sell is on the good news which is what happened today!!!

        I've owned this stock since the $20 area and now when its time to bail---

        their products are expensive for a self serve restaurant--$8-$10 a meal--I could eat in Chili's with service for the same price--

        why pay $750,000 to a $1 million to open one of these stores plus franchise and all sorts of royalties--Mcdonalds is much more profitable----

        this stock looks like a fad--its new and different and probably will fade away---

        Any time this stock rallies--it makes a good short--because this stock has now broken down to resistance-- if it cant rally on good earnings--you know its time to get out---

        their last great concept was Au Bon Pain that Ronnie unloaded because it was nothing more than a trendy business that lost money!!!!

      • Looking back over the last year, the stock seems to sell off after earnings. But over the next few days the price rebounds and moves higher. Nothing more than market maker manipulation in my opinion.

        FYI, I travel a lot and have visited numerous Panera restaurants around the country and my observation is they are always busy and have good food at reasonable prices. Undoubtedly they will have some competition, but for right now, they have a desirable concept that seems to be at the right price point attracting lots of people. Will the stock continue to go up, who knows. These days Company performance seems to be totally disjointed from its stock performance.

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