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  • dumont1 May 2, 2005 1:01 PM Flag

    return on investment

    You are wasteing our time. Future dividend streams are only one minor method of looking at equity "value"and equity valuation metrics......Paaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

    You can't bullshit the pros on this Board, so quit trying.

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    • Every equity valuation metric
      is an attempt to assess
      the likelihood,
      the timing, and
      the amounts
      of future cash returns to shareholders.

      If a company never pays anything of value to its shareholders, their ownership means nothing--no BS, just the truth!

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      • So everybody who bought Berkshire Hathaway during the last 30 years is a moronic idiot. Because, until this weekend when Buffett said he might pay a dividend in a few years IF he can't find attractive acquisitions, he always said he could do better with the money and had no plans to pay a dividend ever. Stop embarrassing yourself.

      • dumont1 May 3, 2005 1:21 PM Flag

        You're keeping your hands in your pockets too long.......focus your eyes on something other than the are a theoretical clown.....did you read the 25 page institutional report on Panera just published by one of the planet's best research houses or were you too busy preaching your nonsense to us......

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