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  • smcjets smcjets Dec 15, 2005 2:04 PM Flag

    Missed the boat

    Well we pay them to manage the investments but I just found it strange that not one of them had put us into this since it was having such a nice run. Personally, I think it is way over valued and if it were my decision I would not be looking to enter a position at these levels.

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    • there's no doubt its an expensive stock, but over valued? seriously. No real competitors. Growth. Great balance sheet. Great business model. Pricing Power.

      While it may see lower levels, it will head higher throughout next year. When the ONLY metric you can point to about a company that can send their stock price lower, is the price of the shares themselves, you better start re-evaluating your reasoning. The same applies conversely when you think something is cheap.

      As far as Cramer goes, his reputation preceeds him. In one of the ballsiest moves I've ever seen he told everyone the market was at its bottom when the dow was tanking towards 10k. He nailed it... that's about the time you took up that short position in (insert bad investment decision here). (by the way, he made that call by watching the ratio of amatuer shorts explode... about the time it got out of hand, he made the call)

      ps i can't seem to get myself to buy into a single call he makes, but i keep an eye on most and he's pretty fu26ing good.

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