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  • freshbread4u freshbread4u Feb 9, 2006 8:05 AM Flag

    Glimpse the future:

    It is interesting that you use the starbucks coffee in a can as your example of branding. If this product is successful, it will truly be a triumph of branding. Every time in the past that an attempt has been made to sell canned coffee in the US, it has failed miserably. In fact, this product sells well only in Japan. For example, a few years ago there was America's Best which had canned coffee in cans which was actually quite good. Both the product and the company have disappeared. Other attempts by larger companies have met with similar fates. People in the US just do not like to buy cans for other than beer or soda.

    Another example is Bravo foods which sells milkshake type products. It produces shelf stable products which need no refrigeration, but they are sold in the refrigerated dairy cases because US consumers will not buy milk products which they do not believe are fresh, i.e., not shelf stable.

    Given the sorry history of canned coffee, it will be a true test of the Starbucks brand power to see if these canned coffees succeed.

    That being said, I have to agree with you that Panera will have brand power soon and that this power will only grow over time if the company continues on its successful growth path -- which I also expect.

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    • Mr. Bread4U

      I have fallen a little behind because of other matters on my plate. Business has been excellent.

      I must also say that Starbucks canned coffee caused me issues as well. It isn't just the can itself which doesn't seem quite right for fresh coffee; it is the Walmart atmosphere which just doesn't make the grade. Starbucks and other restaurant style products "going grocery" do not have the appeal to those who want more than a McD surrounding. These are the folks who buy such things. Even when one is not staying for the ambience, just purchasing the product in the Starbucks facility adds a touch of class to the product. It is the cache. It is a reason to pay for highly priced coffee. Putting it out on the shelves will not enhance its reputation.

      Enjoy the Game.

      Speaking of which, it would appear that the "PNRA party" person didn't have his "$77" team win the game. This is the problem concerning making predictions for PNRA when it is greatly impacted by a few large holders.

      ReThink It

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      • dumont1 Feb 19, 2006 1:28 PM Flag

        Panera not only has people like yourself that "retink it" but they can actually -think- ahead as well. They have proved it and continue to do so day in and day out. Who on this board really cares what business you are in much less whether it is good or not....Either give us substance young man or give us silence. So far the latter, from you at least, has proven superior to the former.

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