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  • How_did_that_happen How_did_that_happen Feb 23, 2006 11:16 AM Flag

    Panera Bread Removes Trans Fat

    Panera Bread Removes Trans Fat from Menu Reformulated offerings reinforce
    company's ongoing commitment to healthier alternatives

    RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo., Feb 23, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Panera Bread (Nasdaq: PNRA), recognized for its leadership in making artisan bread available on a national scale, has announced it has voluntarily removed trans fat from its menu. Panera Bread bakery-cafes will roll out the reformulated products by the end of February 2006. All Panera Bread menu items will be free of trans fat, with the exception of small amounts that occur naturally in dairy products, meat products and some condiments.
    "Panera recognized that trans fat was a growing concern to our customers and the medical community, therefore we made it a priority to eliminate it from our menu," said Tom Gumpel, Director of Bakery Development for Panera Bread. "The most important aspect of this year-long process was upholding our high standards for flavor. The majority of Panera's work was focused on our bakery goods, which had the most trans fat. We are proud to say that the reformulated products achieve the same level of quality and great taste that our customers expect from us."
    Recognizing the health risks associated with trans fat, Panera Bread partnered with Saint Louis University's Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in early 2005 to analyze the nutritional content of Panera menu items and identify where trans fat existed. Panera Bread worked with suppliers to reformulate those menu offerings to use trans-free alternatives including butter, palm oil and vegetable-based oils that maintain the flavor and texture of Panera's high-quality offerings.


    Finally Panera is trying to do something to improve its menu from the health viewpoint. In the meantime, Panera conveniently does not show the amount of transfat in its current offerings in its nutrional information. What is the transfat content of current menu items? Enquiring minds would like to know.

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    • The question is not whether Panera has some high calorie, high fat menu items. It clearly does. The more relevant question is whether Panera -- or any other restaurant -- has a substantial number of low-medium calorie and low-medium fat menu items so that it can cater to all tastes. For Panera the answer is clearly yes. 1/2 of most sandwiches or salads, plus most soups, among other choices, provides a nutritious, tasty and fairly priced meal with good ambience, great for the price. That is why Panera succeeds.

    • I agree with you that McDonalds wants to sell you a bundle - and they make more on a bundle.

      But McDonalds has become much better at providing healthier choices, probably because of all the criticism they have received. That makes them somewhat of a threat (not yet, but looming in the distance, IMO).

      Today Arby's announced a focus on healthy chicken. And, apparently, KFC is offering free sandwiches if you find a code in their ads. The chicken market is getting a lot of attention.

      I would be quite reluctant to start a new Panera position here. But I have been wrong often.

      Good luck to you.

      KFC commercial hides code you can crack
      Play back spot slowly to see gimmick, which aims to counter rise in viewers skipping TV ads

      By Bruce Schreiner
      Associated Press
      LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Psstt. KFC wants to share a secret. No, not THAT secret.

      Colonel Sanders' herbs-and-spices recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken is still safely locked away, but the chain unveiled a new TV ad last week that allows viewers to crack a hidden message if they play the spot back slowly on a digital video recorder or VCR.
      The gimmick is aimed at countering the rise of technology that enables television viewers to skip past commercials faster than ever.
      "This is taking the exact opposition approach -- rewarding viewers for taking the time to engage and be interactive with television," said Tom O'Keefe, an executive at Foote Cone & Belding, the advertising agency that created the spot for KFC Corp.
      For those savvy enough to solve the secret, the prize is a coupon for KFC's new sauce-drenched Buffalo Snacker chicken sandwich. The 99-cent Snacker debuted a year ago and is credited in KFC's earnings rebound.
      "We're trying to create a little fun," said Scott Bergren, chief marketing officer at KFC, a unit of Louisville-based Yum! Brands.

    • can you say bundle?

      it's not that you can't order just a sandwich it's that mcd has engineered their system to push the masses into the bundle, which is about soda and fries. And that's what happens. At the drive thru it's very hard to even find an individual sandwich listed outside of this bundled selling approach. ps more than 60%of the business happens at drive thru.

      As for the cookie at pnra it's not engineered into the menu at panera, in fact it's not even displayed at the register that you order lunch from. If you want a cookie etc. you can make that call you don't have it built in to the system.

      You can go on all day looking for worst case scenerios and find them with any concept. The real issue is the most likely to happen scenerio. At Panera the option to u pick 2 moves you to a place where you eat better and at MCD the bundling pushes you to a choice where you eat worse. By design.

    • "at MCD a premium crispy chicken club + fries + soda = 1460 calories. That's how most people would expericence it at MCD"

      Gee, now you are a mind reader too. Or now have you laid down the law and everyone must follow it?

      "At MCD i dare you to try and order just a sandwich"

      Gee, are you sure that you are living in land of the free and the home of the brave?

      "don't forget the free water I end up with 795 calories "

      So why do they have so many soda choices and all the soda that you can drink at Panera? So people can feel good that they are not drinking soda? How many calories would a child end up with if he helps himself to a couple of refills of soda? Or have you laid down the law that children are not allowed soda at Panera?

      "No greasy fries anywhere in sight."

      As for greasy fries at McDonalds, let's compare greasy fries with a shortbread cookie at Panera.

      Medium French Fries 4 oz, 380 calories, 20 g fat, 4 g saturated fat, 0 cholesterol, 220 mg sodium

      Shortbread cookie 2.5 oz, 350 calories, 21 g fat, 12 g saturated fat, 55 mg cholesterol, 160 mg sodium.

      So what would you pick as a healthier choice - the greasy fries or the shortbread cookie Mr Know-it-all?

      The bottomline is that Panera's food can be very high in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium - far higher in some cases than the much maligned fast food places like McDonalds.

      Good luck in your investement - and your food choices.

    • dumont1 Feb 27, 2006 10:43 AM Flag

      A very enthusiastic tip of the hat to you. Your post was well written and very persuasive with excellent interpertation of what actualy goes in in a MacD vs. what goes on in a Panera. I had not thought of it just that way so a genuine thanks for your incisive view. dd.

    • You are better pumper than all those the other pump-and-dump companies hired. More professional!

      I shall reconsider my positions in light of this.

    • Hey Mr. scepical_poster boy...

      a couple of things.

      first of all why do you post to this board with 2 names? "how_did_that_happen" has the exact style as you in your postings. Amazingly enough both of you seem to be long on tasr and short pnra. What a coincidence. Anybody can just search for postings under these names to see the thinly disguised attempt to sway opinion.

      did you think that using 2 names would make it seem like some sort of groundswell of public opinion was happening?

      good luck

      Secondly on the nutritional front

      what you are forgetting to metion is the context of the eating occaision. At MCD i dare you to try and order just a sandwich. That menu has become a bundle menu that enables MCD (and the other fast food guys) to sell you what they really want to sell you French Fries and Soda. That's where they really make their money after all.

      So take your "Premium" chicken sandwich and add to it 570 calories and 8 grams of TRANS FATS to get a truer picture of how to compare.

      Conversly at PNRA most people order from their U Pick 2 menu which means that they are buying half a sandwich and then adding half a salad or a soup to that. Then they are given a choice of fruit, baked chips, chips, french or whole grain bread as an accompaniment. No greasy fries anywhere in sight. Oh one more thing they don't make you pay for bottled water. They serve filtered water on tap right next to the sodas, and throw in fresh lemons to boot.

      So hows that add up?

      at MCD a premium crispy chicken club + fries + soda = 1460 calories. That's how most people would expericence it at MCD

      At PNRA even if you get the biggest sandwich on the menu (combo) with a chicken noodle soup and a piece of bread, oh and don't forget the free water I end up with 795 calories with no trans fats vs the 9.5 I'd be getting at MCD

      I realize it's easy to try to manipulate and scare people using what appear to be facts. Of course the panera customer isn't quite so easily swayed. They know the food is better.

      on another note have you heard about how some companies are using their PR agencies to hire third party (untraceable) posters to go on message boards, blogs etc. to try to create buzz around new product launches? I'm not sure who they think they are fooling.

      I'd accuse you of that but your posts are so thinly disguised that I think you are just a lone pnra short sider trying to get noticed.

    • Pnra has an eclectic menu. For those interested in low calorie or low fat menu items, they're there. There's even a booklet available, at least where I go, highlighting them. Almost all soups, many salads and quite a few sandwiches are quite or very nutritious. This dog won't hunt. Somebody who cares about nutrition could easily eat very healthy meals at Pnra 4 or even 7 times a week.

    • Hello sceptical,

      It is said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar..if you are into catching flies that is ;^)

    • "Just another short seller envious of PNRA's success IMHO "

      Just another mammon-worshipping drone who thinks that money is all that motivates people.

      Some people don't invest in Altria (Phillip Morris) because they think that cigarettes kill people.

      And aren't you the one who said "I can only tell you that for the past two years my wife and I have had lunch probably 4 times a week and dinner about twice a week at Panera"?

      How does it feel to know that you were eating trans fat all the time but you will never know how much because the company never revealed how much?

      Ignorance is bliss. And to top that, you are so superior to all the envious people out there. Your cup must runneth over.

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