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  • gotta_do_better_then_that gotta_do_better_then_that Oct 5, 2006 4:22 PM Flag


    <<<None of the longs have tried to kick anyone when they're down. >>>

    That's actually not true. In essence I would not have kick you if the numbers were perceived the other way, I like seeing people make money. Nor am I here saying the company sucks, it a piece of crap nor am I pointing out that you can barely spell to save your life, which in untrue and is another shameless tactic. I am all about people making money.

    Back to longs patting themselves on the back. None of what I said was BS. Think about it, I stated they needed 5.8% in Sept to get to the mid range of the lowered earnings estimates. I was dead on, yet you who knows this company so well claimed my numbers were gibberish. Yet I don't have a clue. Without a question Sept is always a step up in SSS over prior months for obvious reasons. You're elated that they will come in the mid range of a massively lower earnings number. .44 cents now at .34-.37, yeah that's great in essence they are going to missing the original by close to 20%. Be thankful for the shorts covering positions they established more than likely at much higher levels. Also, you guys are very funny sitting there saying that SSS don't mean jack before the Sept's came out, I guess because they were at a woeful 1.8 and 1.3. The second they come in a little better, bamm they mean the world. Too funny, they still only came in at 2.8% for the Q which is lower than the originally forecasted 3-4%, but it's all roses. This stock is going to hit you real hard one day, hopefully for your sake you book profits at some point. Because it all about making money, riding unrealized gains up and down doesn't do much.

    <<<They either state falsehoods ("my neighbor tells me crispani isn't selling, revenues will rise 6%) make apples to oranges computations >>

    It's like the blind leading the blind around here, outside of one or two of you.

    Could you please learn a little reading comprehension because I never stated my neighbor said the flat bread pizza is not selling well, I stated it's not selling well. He's unhappy that he eating extra cost that is not driving any additional traffic. Just a little heads up, again over 85% of the revenue for the 3Q was in before 2:30 pm, so what's that say about the pizza? Also the 5-6% was month over month based on 207.5 ish which was the number I put out and was a lot higher than most analysts expectation. The reason for the high number was I felt it was fair assuming some of the economic events. I full well know that the cost of the revenue has risen substantially so the higher number didn't change a thing. With that in mind and them coming in short of analyst expectation of 206.6 at 205M for the Q, I can't wait to see the earnings number.

    <<<I'm glad to argue any Panera issue with someone who is knowledgeable and has a modicum of civility. These shorts don't come close.>>>

    What was my lack of civility? Just curious. Is a difference in analysis a lack of civility? Lack of knowledge you have yet to enlighten us on anything knowledgeable. You just love to pontificate, constantly with nothing factual behind it.

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    • <<< I'm not looking for accolades, but don't tell me or anyone else who has made tons of money on this stock that they're idiots AND put forth utter falsehoods or plainly fallacious arguments.>>>

      First you are looking for accolades. Second, what do you consider "tons of money"? And how are you making money if you have yet to sell? Paper gains are nice but sometimes don't last. Just because my trade went against me, like I stated before, wasn't the first won't be the last, you have yet to tell me what my utter falsehoods were.

      Here's some more things to keep in mind: Traffic for Sept' was down YOY. New stores opened are returning 9% less and that deteriorating trend has been in place all year. The costs for new stores are rising along with marketing cost. I wonder if it has to do with anything about 2 and 3 tier marketplaces? Hmmm. Yeah, I know nothing. It's a lunch shop ands always be a lunch shop. The Crispani is selling well below managements expectations. They has been zero additional traffic for the dinner crowd. Why don't you do yourself a favor and head on out to PNRA at dinner time and see for yourself how well the flat bread pizza is doing or just ask a local manager? Outside of them basically giving them away, nobody cares for it. What exactly happened to the .44 cents they were to do this Q? Not one long has even attempted to explain this.

      I'm glad you are making money on your position, that's what it's all about. You should be thankful to the shorts. Enjoy the ride for now it may not last.

      I'll be back in a few days when the volume returns to status quo with full disclosure about my new short term put positions. I still have my Feb's but that's a relatively small position. For now enjoy and keep patting yourselves on the back. I'm sure you be looking forward to hearing from me. LOL

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