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  • southbuckeye southbuckeye Mar 8, 2011 12:52 PM Flag

    Insiders Dumping PNRA Stock

    "Seeking Alpha" today listed PNRA first on its list of insiders selling shares in their company.

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    • marcarcal Mar 9, 2011 5:02 PM Flag

      Yeah, that's why it's up $1.25 today
      giddtup panera,best little sangwhich shop in america
      ya gotta wonder why a stock keeps going up, without paying a dividend

    • jrsept1: Perhaps insiders are selling stock in PNRA not because it's a bad company (it's not) but simply because it has gone from 85 to 120 in a six month period, and to make things more uncertain, higher oil and commodity prices have arrived. Perhaps the insiders know something after all. Best of luck to you regardless of how this all turns out. I hope I get the opportunity to take another look at PNRA at around 100. You never know.

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      • I get that. I was just busting back on the guy because I like the company, and the products they sell

        Also, people given stock grants (most if not all of the "dumping" are option related) are silly if they don't excercise them frequently. Even I (a small potatoe with small stock option grants)...know they are worth didley unless you excercise them. The most significant insider trades are outright purchases, or sales with their own money at stake.

        Smart management sells stock options when they are in the money.

    • I think panera stock is dumping on you.

      Panera, a company growing value adding to employment, locating new business, and adding to stockholder equity.

      Yet, there are speculators hoping they stumble. so they can cash in. In fact, some are hoping all companies stumble...know anyone like that ??

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