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  • ty.cheney ty.cheney Aug 26, 2011 8:41 AM Flag

    Sam Covelli,Franchise owner, Does Panera review who franchises their Name!

    This happened a few years ago... but related comments at end of article seem to say it still happens....

    I want to search for experiences outside of panera that are great comments!!!

    A former Panera Bread Company employee has filed a federal lawsuit against the company, claiming he was fired from its Forbes Avenue store in Oakland after allegedly refusing to carry out discriminatory policies set forth by his superiors.

    Anderson's complaint says the district manager at the time, Wayne Neuf, told him "if that's what (Covelli) wants, that's what he wants," and that Anderson should accept that.

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    Wayne Neuf
    Director of Pro Team at Covelli Enterprises/ Panera Bread LLC

    Sam Covelli was the largest McDonald’s franchisee and also owns several O’Charley’s.

    Covelli enterprises.. has many Panera breads see link

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    • reviewing your have posted fairly often...all trying to to discredit the company (as an investment, and people associated with it)....did they fire you.

      If not...what's up ?

    • Covelli is a sexist and racist person. This is a fact that is finally being exposed. He has forever openly told managers that people of color, overweight people, and other minorities must be back of house personnel. Great to see he is being exposed!

      • 2 Replies to acoustichorse
      • Im a fat guy ... having said that ... I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A FAT PERSON selling me my food ....

        Why is this so hard for you kids to understand ???

        I like to see pretty girls .... what a shock .

        I like to see people who are fit ... WOW ...

        I also want to see smiles ... too many young people have a gross sense of entitlement ... its NOT enough to show up kids ...

        1/ Look as good as you can .

        2/ SMILE you idiot ... SMILE

        3/ MAKE THE CUSTOMER happy that they took time in this weird economy to come in and part w/ their cash .

        4/ BE THANKFUL you have a job and arent stupid enough to be in a urine soaked tent smoking weed in NYC for OWS.

        No shut up and get to work early for once . You MAY just have a future .

        BTW ... Im a new short so NO ... I dont work for this company . I just started shorting them today ... 1200 shares so far and climbing .

      • That is the absolute truth. If you are not a pretty, young, white girl there is a good possibility that you have/will be discriminated against if you work for Covelli. While I worked there, if he came in to find a black person working up front we usually got lectured about hiring "good people," At one point I was told not to have a certain person on register because he was, according to Covelli and the DM, too ugly to work up front. One of my employees was also considered "too fat" to be promoted according to Covelli. The man is a piece of garbage on an ethical level.

    • Hello, I would like to speak with you on this matter. Yes this still happens.

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