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  • dcisinsane dcisinsane Dec 6, 2011 11:23 AM Flag

    Sam Covelli,Franchise owner, Does Panera review who franchises their Name!

    Im a fat guy ... having said that ... I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A FAT PERSON selling me my food ....

    Why is this so hard for you kids to understand ???

    I like to see pretty girls .... what a shock .

    I like to see people who are fit ... WOW ...

    I also want to see smiles ... too many young people have a gross sense of entitlement ... its NOT enough to show up kids ...

    1/ Look as good as you can .

    2/ SMILE you idiot ... SMILE

    3/ MAKE THE CUSTOMER happy that they took time in this weird economy to come in and part w/ their cash .

    4/ BE THANKFUL you have a job and arent stupid enough to be in a urine soaked tent smoking weed in NYC for OWS.

    No shut up and get to work early for once . You MAY just have a future .

    BTW ... Im a new short so NO ... I dont work for this company . I just started shorting them today ... 1200 shares so far and climbing .

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