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  • techstrategy techstrategy Nov 2, 2011 10:37 AM Flag

    Looks to me like the large holders get it...

    This is when you sell into the squeeze. Buy back in the 110's. The way for large INVESTORS to make money is to take some off the table while the hedgies are running the squeeze play. There is still a lot of risk in this market and any fund manager not taking profits at 52 week highs (or thereabouts) is negligent...

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    • volume is so low, it seems there is neither profit-taking nor breaking out.

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      • What you have is someone buying time to kill options. This is the kind of stock the SEC should look at. It moves dollars on a few thousand shares because of MM manipulation.

        They could have a field day here. Doesn't matter. Shorts (and I am short here) just position yourself for the long term. The institutions playing this game along with the hedgies are going to get crushed. I've seen it many times before. The hedgies will start selling aggressively in the not to distant future. The institutional longs have too large a position to meaningfully reduce without moving the market once it is already going down (especially if there is a crisis of confidence).

        This is just a small position for me. I will move much more aggressively and longer term if it continues to stay on no volume. NO ONE is buying in at these prices...

      • Agreed. I was expecting more profit taking by now, but this is fine with me.

        Another break out would be nice, but I'm not expecting one for a few months.

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