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  • mauricethepantsman mauricethepantsman Oct 31, 2001 5:21 PM Flag

    Calling Matt, Maurice, Cyber, etc...

    I don't know why INTU acts the way it does. No one does. The market has too many variables attached to it, and is affected by all of these variables in one way or another. The market is fluid and is DEEP! Deep meaning beyond comprehension.

    My take on the subject, well that's another story.

    INTU is the leader in the TAX software business. I don't care what anybody else says, they are tops. Unfortunately it's a big world out there and there is more to life than death and taxes, as everyone professes. The internet will be the biggest moving force in life way of life in the very near future. What I mean by that is straightforward. It will be relied on as much in the near future as your car is relied on today. It will be the most used form of transportation, and will commandeer our life transactions. We will do most everything that we do today in our car (vis a vis travelling to wherever we want to go to transact business) via the internet. How important do you think it is for INTU to be a B2B in the very near future. eCommerce is the future!

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