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  • y711503 y711503 Jan 9, 2003 1:34 PM Flag

    Product Activation

    Consumer complaint about product activation made morning news in San Francisco. Not fiction

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      Oh yeah...will have negative impact on stock?

      I don't know. See, that's what debatable means.

      Since this garbage started, the stock has gone up each day! Nice call!!

      Never made a call. I certainly would never even attempt to predict day-to-day price fluctuations. I sold 3/4 of my position because at this point nobody can possibly know if this is a blip or a bomb. I never said anyone else should do the same.

      If you think today's price reflects the full impact -- positive or negative -- due to product activation, then great. I would disagree with that.

      I'll leave now and make room for the namecalling and insulting comments that usually fills this space.

    • Oh yeah...will have negative impact on stock?

      Since this garbage started, the stock has gone up each day! Nice call!!

    • Thanks turbotaxsafecast.

      That says it all. The only part that is even debatable is what the impact on the stock price will be.

      What Intuit is left with is all the problems but none of the benefits of an aggressive anti-piracy scheme.

    • What the bad publicity has accomplished:

      1. No activation >10/15. Eliminates the problem of having to do an amended returns or print returns 2-3 years from now when a user may have a new computer or hard disk.

      2. Intuit has instructed their tech support people to supply a new activation code if the user says they have a new computer or disk.

      3. A patch is coming to completely remove C-Dilla from the computer.

      What they can't solve:

      1. Numerous problems with activation. Inherent with C-Dilla.

      2. C-Dilla uses resources on the PC even when TurboTax is not running.

      3. Can't do disk to disk back-ups and retain the product activation.

      4. Can't work on and print your taxes on desktop and notebook

      Intuit's done all they could for this year. They're stuck with C-Dilla; they can't recall all the CDs.

      For this year, live with the C-Dilla issues or use TaxCut. By next year hopefully they'll find a better anti-piracy scheme.

      I doubt that all this will have a measurable effect on INTU, but a well thought out anti-piracy system would have been a real positive.
      It would have been so easy to give two returns
      with e-filing in the base price, and charge
      $10 extra for each additional return with
      e-filing. No C-Dilla, no Macrovision servers,
      no upset long time paying users.

    • Negative publicity is never good. But it hasn't been a large press disaster. Really only one mainstream story about it (Assoc. Press). The rest have been tech-related pubs (which I read)that most of TT customers don't even know exist.

      As a matter of fact, I have tested Safecast in the past and it doesn't do any harm. You avoid questions constantly.

      I for one think the company has handled it well.

    • -----------------
      You still avoid answering the question: why is C-Dilla the devil?

      Whatever. You miss the point. I don't think I ever said SafeCast did anything bad besides exist.

      Explain doesn't do anything to muck up your machine.

      You sure?? How did you come to that conclusion? Reverse engineering? Hundreds of hours of testing? Coin toss?

      Do YOU think this has been good for Intuit?

    • You still avoid answering the question: why is C-Dilla the devil? Explain doesn't do anything to muck up your machine.

      Again, vapor...

    • You're right. I have a clue about how product activation works.

      When I was installing TTax and found that it was copy protected I thought that was pretty cool. No need for us INTU longs to lose revenue to piracy. Then I looked for my activation code. Hmmm, just a blank space on my CD case where that magic number was supposed to be. Off to the TTax web site to search for "missing product key". The search comes back with a link that tells me where to send my CD and case so they can be replaced. A couple of days later I noticed a mysterious service named "C-DillaCdaC11BA" running on my machine. Looked like a virus to me. I killed it and went to Google to investigate.

      That's NOT how product activation is supposed to work.

      I understand the need for the activation code to go along with the AOL-like CD mailing. SafeCast is overkill and people will see that.

      There is no good spin to this. Nobody who is long INTU is thinking "This C-Dilla/SafeCast thing is really going over well."

      This is a turd in a punchbowl if there ever was one.

      Sure, long term Intuit will survive and thrive. In the short term, though, this scares me. That's why I'll be mostly on the sidelines the next few months. I won't mind it if my fears prove unjustified.

    • Yeah..... Intuit monitors and writes to Yahoo boards... Are you nuts? You probably think Amazon ratings are worth the space,which they take up to right?

      HAHAHA I think SuperHot gots a new alias...

    • DUH! All companies monitor financial boards. Are you clueless?

      Tom is right. As an engineer you should know better. How many people posting here work for Tax Brain, Block or some other company praying against hope they can gain just one percentage point of share this year???

      What will be flat out hysterical is when Tax Cut has this activation deal next year too. Then you all can go to those crappy free preparers and see how bad things really are.

      In the mean time, we'll keep trading with Intuit and laugh all the way to the bank.

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