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  • micro00 micro00 Feb 25, 2003 9:49 AM Flag

    first analysis analyst comment

    Intuit (INTU $45.68) - Potential share loss. Analyst noted that comments by
    H&R Block (HRB $37.20) suggest they may be taking share from TurboTax. HRB
    stated its users accounted for 41% of the increase in Federal e-files
    through 2/14, greater than expected given their historic mkt. share closer
    to 30%. HRB also stated its e-returns were up 123% thru 2/14, comparing
    favorably to INTU's 49% increase through 1/31, although Jim noted INTU's
    increase may have accelerated in Feb. Equal-weight by Jim Macdonald given
    valuation and concerns about potential fallout from new TurboTax copy
    protection scheme.

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    • gee, you got me, you're just too smart for me. I state it's a fact i haven't pirated their software, but you obvisouly know people better than they know themselves. I must have blocked it out of my memory, yeah that's it you ignorant f#$k. And I am a true blue republican, as my sister and i always said, we were raised "right." the only remotely intelligent thing you ever said was safecast isn't spyware as it has never been shown to be (just because something is instrusive doesn't make it spyware, just bad software).
      but that's one of those opinion thingies you are clueless about.

      your ignorance is staggering. here's some investment advice, sell your stocks and BUY A CLUE!

      i hope to god you don't do anything important in this world, because you live on assumptions, and make really bad ones.

      god i love the ignore button!!!!!!!!!

    • <<Then use them.>>

      I am.

      <<Why are you here?>>

      To let Intuit and everyone else know why I am not buying (Not copying, I always buy.) Intuit's products. This IS a service to any current or potential INTU shareholder (like myself).

      Also, to dissuade any other software company from mimicking Intuit's activation fiasco.

    • "Yeah, a class action lawsuit on protecting their IP. That's gonna happen."

      Guess what? You don't get to justify "protecting IP" by harming others.

    • "you see what you want to see..."

      Check the mirror buddy. You couldn't be any more wrong in my case. I have no skin in either company (other than having purchased INTU products). I have no stock position in INTU (or HRB or any other company in the sector) at all.

      I am a formally very happy INTU customer who is pissed as hell at their current practices. I'm still fuming from my experiences with their new "schemes" this weekend.

      You think I WANT this crap? Yeah right. I'd have been perfectly happy to go on using their software (that I have legally purchased and registered) just as I have every year.

      You on the other hand (I'd bet plenty on this) are so obviously an INTU long that you'll say anything to try and defend their practices.

    • You must be a Democrat.

    • Not true. I have been critical of INTUs implementation with their activation scheme. I am a shareholder but I also know they messed up a bit. Where I disagree with most of you anti-Intuit people is your argument.

      They are doing the right thing. They just used the wrong technology. I also see they have now officially apologized and said they are changing it next year. What else do you people want?

      Let me guess, to copy their software for free?

      That's my point Mr. Calvin.

    • Then use them. Why are you here?

    • watchingrise, you are a complete joke of logical thinking. everything bad said about inuit is automatically propaganda by HRB, MSFT, pirates, etc. get a freakin clue, why don't ya? Intuit does have sleazy business practices in my humble opinion (READ, changing to charging for customer service when a product says free support included, cheap ass chat support that is useless, demanding money for software after changing computers, only to back off when challenged (ie, not doing the right thing UP FRONT), forcing customers to upgrade when they have no real need to, etc). not everything they do is sleazy, but yes, some of the stuff is sleazy in some of our opinions.

      are there people out there with agendas to improve their companies at the expense of intuit... highly probable. are their pirates out there stealing from intuit... pretty much a certainty. does anybody that speaks against PA and INTU fall into these categories automatically, NO!!!!! thinking so pretty much puts you in the same boat as the KKK (don't go to the symbol look up if you haven't figured out what i mean!). basing your judgements on people purely on assumptions.

      there are real HONEST people out there having real problems due to PA causing them real damages. This is FACT. That's F-A-C-T, fact. probably not very many of them, but it only takes 1 person to prove this, and I know one PERSONALLY. your opinions are just that, opinions. learn the difference between the two. My OPINION is that you are an ignorant gullible @sshole. That's not a fact, that's an opinion. My opinion is that INTU is overpriced. I would say that critical thinking shows you don't know the difference between facts and opinions. I do not directly own/shorted any stock in either INTU or HRB or MSFT, that is FACT. I may have some indirectly through mutual funds in my 401k, probably so) I have never pirated an INTU product, that is FACT (though i'm sure you'll post otherwise, since you so obviously know everything about everybody).

      you tell people posting opinions to go fly a kite? you are posting "our agendas" even though you don't know the posters. Go stick that kite up your @ss, you ignorant, prejudice f*&k!

    • <<Nothing Intuit does even comes close. To justify Block's sleazy missteps >>

      Inuit has made me WANT to use products sold by HRB and Microsoft, instead of Intuit's products. That's pretty sleazy. (I was perfectly happy with Inuit until this year.)

    • Yeah, a class action lawsuit on protecting their IP. That's gonna happen.

      And Saddam Hussein is an angel.

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