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  • boggy4062 boggy4062 Nov 27, 2008 2:45 AM Flag


    Who in their right mind would do that? Intuit's support sucks, software is buggy, and management clueless... "Real" recipe for a "success". If you want to learn, how Intuit is known for their screw ups, go to 2002 TurboTax season, where geniuses of that time tried to squeeze more profit out of .... air. Look at the INTC price history for dec 2002- march 2003. The stock price went DOWN 35% due to their "brilliant" TurboTax revenue "initiative". Compare INTC to other software companies like Symantec (if you thing it was just a "market" correction, and not the INTC issues). BTW, INTC stock did not recover till march 2006. We have the same "game" introduced by current INTC management. We will see if they will need less then 4 years to recover this time... :).
    I've been using Intuit product since Quicken version 1, upgrading EVERY year. I WAS upgrading to make sure that Intuit was successful, because I LOVED their products. Today, I don't. I stopped on Quicken 2007, and will move to Microsoft Money as soon as data import feature is available for Quicken 2007. I will also move to TaxCut, and I will be watching how INTC stock goes down in prices again (will short the stock to make some money in the process).
    Top managment of Intuit forgot about cardinal rule of today's software market: it is ALL about customer care, about ease of duing business, and not one or two software features. Today, most top software vendors provide equaly good products, so if you mess with your customers, you go under.
    There is no reason to get "religious" about a software or a company that doesn't care about their customer base. Microsoft (with its all own faults) is a company that will take on arrogant companies like Intuit. If you want to see where the future of software is, try PDC2008 conference materials. You will see the future, and Intuit (IMHO) is not going to be in it.

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