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  • drhaldanish drhaldanish Nov 25, 2008 12:05 PM Flag

    TT new prices

    Your 2008 version of TT has many unwanted ad ons, (e-file), printing costs, (If I want more than one copy), additional fee's for my son's tax. I am history with TT.
    Tax Cut is my first inclination to buy for 2008. Since this is a 'rah-rah' board for INTUI don't expect too many favorable replies. But check out what people are saying on to TurboTax 2008 and see for yourself the 1 star rating (out of 5), and how angry your ex-consumers are. You are no longer selling software, you are selling a service. What say you BOB? Please aupine. Make it pithy.

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    • I went to the intuit website and they have 22,000+ reviews for TT resulting in 5 stars. I was like WOW, could I be wrong about the pricing policy that 22,000 are not complaing about? A closer look reveals that the reviews are for last year's software (2007 tax year). Beware.

    • There goes TT's market share. Have used TT forever but plan to swith to TC this year.

    • drhaldanish....Thanks for your feedback. I have been following and participating in the discussion from day #1. Earlier today I posted a response on that site that I have copied below. It's relevant to the issues raised here.

      Bob Meighan
      VP, TurboTax

      Many of you have seen my prior posts here and I understand you have questions and comments about some of the changes we've made to TurboTax desktop pricing. Also, I think it's important that you hear directly from TurboTax vs. a competitor who likely doesn't have all the facts.

      So, what's different for 2008?

      1. Desktop pricing: You'll pay $15 more this year for TurboTax desktop products. Let me tell you why I think that's still a really great value. Every year, we make customer-driven improvements to the product, adding features and services customers want and use most, things like ItsDeductible, Audit Support tools, and Cost Basis calculator. This year, TurboTax is even easier to use, delivering a new, streamlined experience for people with simple returns so they can be done in under an hour. And federal e-file is now included with every federal tax return. We include these features in TurboTax at an overall lower price than what you'd pay separately. Most of our customers will pay about $3 less this year.

      2. Additional returns: You can prepare, print and e-file additional returns with TurboTax. For just $9.95, you get all the features and benefits of TurboTax, like year-over-year transfer and audit support tools. Plus you can print and federal e-file at no additional charge. Federal e-filing is now included with every TurboTax federal tax return. That means customers who e-filed one or more returns last year will actually pay less this year compared to last year. You can start and work on as many returns as you like and still use all the tax planning features (scenario and alternative planning) you've come to value without having to pay extra. Federal e-filing is easy, fast and more accurate than paper filing and eliminates paperwork hassles. You'll receive IRS confirmation your return has been received and best of all, you'll get a faster refund, in as little as 8 days.

      TurboTax offers a wide variety of products and pricing options to meet the needs of all tax filers - everything from our TurboTax Online Free Edition for simple returns to TurboTax Home & Business for much more complicated tax situations.

      When you compare pricing on tax software products, make sure you're getting a true apples-to-apples comparison. TurboTax Deluxe, for example, is our most popular product and provides many of the same features and a great value compared to some competitors' "higher end" versions.

      Also, make sure you know what is and is not included in the software you choose. For example, another post here suggests that TaxCut Premium is $20 less than last year. This ignores the fact that their product now charges $19.95 for state e-filing, which was previously included last year in the price.

      We understand that not every customer will use or value every feature and service we include in TurboTax. We do believe that TurboTax continues to be a great value and that's why it remains the best-selling and #1 rated tax software year after year.

      I hope this information helps.

      Bob Meighan
      VP, TurboTax

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      • Dear Bob,

        Did you ever hear of the story "The goose that laid the golden egg"? Apparently not. So let me summarize.

        A goose lays one golden egg a day. You must wait for it to lay the egg everyday and you get only one egg a day. If you kill the goose and open its tummy, you will not get a million eggs, and from then on there will be no more golden eggs.

        You had a great revenue stream, year after year; everyone had to upgrade annually. Now you have killed the goose. You wanted all the upstream revenue today.

        There is no goose left. You must have some really smart marketing and sales departments.


      • Your reply reminds me of the letter I get each year from the cable company when they increase prices. They tell me what a great deal I am geting because, over the course of the year, they have added ten new channels that I will never watch, and have moved some of the ones I do look at up into the next premium bracket.

        Huge price increases that far exceed the cost of inflation really anger me!! Putting a "spin" on your explanation to make your decision seem like a bargain to customers does not change the fact that this is a huge price increase that was only noted with a little asterik after the price.

        This year I WILL BUY Tax Cut!!

      • Dear BOB,

        Here we go again. Evidently, you and your organization has already forgotten a lesson of TurboTax 2002 product fiasco. Lesson, of how costly an alienation of the customer base can be to a company. You probably should talk to your predecessor - Tom Allanson. He should tell YOU not to screw with the loyal customer base. You know, he works for H&R Block today, should you decide to get in touch with him...
        Since Intuit chose to experience the same costly lesson again, well ... we (the previously loyal users) will be glad to oblige. As in 2002-2003 tax season, we (including yours truly) will:
        1. spend many weekends in places like Fry's, Costco telling other "regular", inexperienced people about your "copy protection" aka spy-ware, and suggesting better solutions like ... TaxCut.
        2. Will be writing TT "reviews" in our technical blogs about this new "feature" of yours i.e. bugs not allowing to print more then one copy of return. Again, suggesting different, but better solutions. (I am writing my own tonight..).
        3. Will be "testing" your product (for our reviews), and returning for refunds to our friendly retailers...since you still DO provide FULL satisfaction guarantee, right? I guess, it will cost, and not make you money.
        4. Will be posting negative reviews on Amazon, Yahoo, etc ... (currently you average 1.25 out of 5 for 36 reviews - this is a new low record!).
        5. Will be suggesting other users to switch form other inferior Intuit products (like buggy Quicken) to competitions (same ways and channels and ways as for TT).i.e. No more revenues from Quicken 2009 or 2010 updates as well.

        And finally as investors,
        Will be shorting your company's stock to make some bucks in the process (darn, I will have to call my Schwab rep, to learn more about buying put options), since it is obvious how your future revenues are going to look like.

        BOB, ignorance is a bliss SOME TIMES, but not ALL the times. Intuit management displayed a great sense of arrogance, and this is not the first time. Intuit wants to play the hard ball, so let the games begin.

        And Bob, all of us know, that in May of 2009 or so, you WILL be writing yet another Intuit apology. You will back paddling with all kinds of excuses, and promises not to do it again. You, and your bosses, will have to re-learn a very costly lesson - customers that have been loyal for MANY years, and feel screwed, get VERY vindictive. And maybe this time, the Board of Directors is going to do something about it too.

        To get you started on the letter, in case you missed the 2003 "memo" from Tom Allason, here is a quote from him:
        "...We are absolutely committed to listening and learning from our customers. We clearly need to better understand all of our customers' tax preparation needs and how they use TurboTax.

        While we remain committed to protecting our intellectual property, going forward, we will only introduce digital rights management technologies that maximize customer experience and preserve customer satisfaction..."

        To finish, I would like to remind you about one more important rule of life: don't "fix" things that ain't broken... Good luck ... NOT!

    • I examined the 2008 Turbo Tax package in Staples yesterday. Just a small footnote to tell you that you can only do ONE return, and I found it only because I looked for it. Staples personel were unaware of this change, and feel that there will be many unhappy customers who purchase and find out to late. I myself will but Tax Cut this year, as I must prepare my 4 kids and 3 of their boy/girl friends, an ex-wife and my 92 year old father. By my calculation, TurboTax would have cost me $150 plus the cost of a second state package for my Dad, so probably $190. What a HUGE price increase that would have been. So glad I noticed this big RIPOFF beforehand.

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      • I have only heard of this new pricing gimmick that TT is slipping in on us. I am glad for these boards and the amazon BB pertaining to this issue. I have heard that Tax Cut is not as easy to flow through, but new things are usually this way. I too will not be buying this product unless there is a change since I also have much more than one tax form to do.

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