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  • harleystreetglider1 harleystreetglider1 Feb 2, 2009 8:27 PM Flag

    Turbotax on line is down...again

    It has been down most of the day...really poor IT department.

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    • I work in the Internet Infrastructure Disaster Recovery world. There is absolutely no excuse for a company that does 90% of it's business online to have these problems.

      TurboTax wake up!!!!! It's tax season, isn't this when you make your money?

      Bottomline folks, Intuit has opted to go cheap when considering the type and amount of servers needed to provide proper service. And most likely they have not purchased enough bandwidth to handle the traffic, because they want to cut costs.

      Net-Net is they save money while you pay for their service only to find out you cant log on. In the last 24 hours I have ateempted to log on 28 times, I was succesful twice until I was shut off 5 minutes into my session.

      This makes me question their Security Infrastructure as well. As a customer why should I feel comfortable about my personal info now? If you can't keep your website up I doubt you have the knowledge to properly secure your infrastructure.

      By the way, waited 47 minutes to speak to a CC rep last night. All she could tell me was try to log on again tomorrow, Great response I thought??? I did try and guess what, still down.

      Whay are companies going under? Is it the economy? The root problem is simple. Companies have lost the desire to provide the most important thing. That is a good product and people that are generally upset when they know their companies product doesn't work!!

      4 Years as a Turbotax customer, and this is it. I signed up with a competitor last night and it worked(what a concept)

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      • Actually TurboTax Online has been up and running. What you were seeing is a conscious decision on our part to limit the number of concurrent users while our engineers made some design changes. This allowed us to keep TurboTax Online running while ensuring the best possible customer experience for those tens of thousands who were already in the product.

        Our engineers finished their work and we've removed most of the "throttling".

        Contrary to what you suggest, this is not an issue with capacity or cutting costs. Although we have plenty of capacity, we want to make sure it is used effectively and efficiently so all customers get the responsiveness they expect.

        If you were unable to login earlier, I apologize for the inconvenience and suggest you try back now.

        Bob Meighan
        VP, TurboTax

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