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  • philbert_donbo philbert_donbo Feb 7, 2009 11:21 PM Flag

    Turbotax on-line horror story

    Intuit is really pushing the on-line version of Turbo-tax this year and I decided to try it. As a loyal Turbo-tax viewer for many years, I was aghast trying to use it. You have no visibility as to what is going on with your return as you do not have the option to switch back and forth to Form view to see what is really going on. Without this, you are flying completely blind. I could not see the offset of my gambling winnings in the itemized deductions so I double deducted until I realized what I had done. The handling of employees’ health savings account through employers is also egregious. I could not figure out where a $2600 income was coming from that couldn't be there as this was virtually invisible in the on-line version of Turbo tax. It was not until I purchased the old reliable PC version that I found the error and had to check a box in a form to get rid of the unwarranted income. But the worst thing of all was incredible frustration trying to download stock information from my broker. It simply wouldn't work. With the PC version it is a snap to download and import .txf files readily available from brokerage firms. I can't imagine many people even willing to use the product if it can't import .txf files. I am only glad that I did not pay for the on-line service up front, but in reality, the time that I wasted on it far exceeds the measly $50 that it costs. The $60 that I spent on the PC based product allowed me to finish my return in a couple of hours even though I had to start from scratch.

    I sure would hate to be a holder of Intuit stock. It looks like a great short to me. I can’t imagine how many irate customers that have paid for your on-line service and are either frustrated or worse yet will file inaccurate returns purely based on the poor usability of their on-line product.

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