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  • counterintuitive2009 counterintuitive2009 Sep 15, 2009 11:19 AM Flag

    HA HA....Mint employees are so screwed. Say goodbye to double digit growth

    This acquisition will end up like all intuit acquisitions....

    Intuit's magic single digit growth death march......

    Take a small company, growing double digits...Apply a bunch of Intuit senior management to the mix who "think they know what their doing", and then watch in a few quarters, the previous double digit company growth fall off the cliff to a low single digit.

    When in doubt, ask any former Digital Insight employees or former Pay Cycle employees approximately 6 months from now.

    Well, at least Intuit is really great at making powerpoint presentations. That pretty much all managers there know how to do.

    The biggest problem with intuit is that it's run like yahoo. Too many project/program managers who really don't know what they are doing and a CEO and CIO that clearly is out of their league....Hey,I wonder how's the data center move going? Lol.....

    Please bring back Steve Bennett....Maybe he wasn't as great as everyone had hoped he'd be, but at least he was knowledgeable from the operations angle.

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