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  • mentallytaxed mentallytaxed Mar 1, 2010 5:40 PM Flag


    Just out of curiosity, I heard that if you enter an amount in box 14 on Turbo TAx using code 401A, it will essentially 'duplicate' the deduction on Schedule A as State Taxes Paid. Seems impossible, but....does TurboTax guarantee accuracy of its program or would an inaccurately large refund received as a result of a programming error be the client's responsibility?

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    • Form W-2, box 14 can include a wide assortment of deductions and/or other notations by the employer. There is usually an IRS code associated with each description. (Note: 401A is not a code, but a description the employer may use.) The code provides specific rules on how that item should be treated for tax purposes. If you enter the amount and code correctly, TurboTax will properly account for the amount and report it on the right form. In this case, the amount will flow to Schedule A. The only way this amount will be duplicated on Schedule A is if a user enters it again on Schedule A or duplicates another W-2.

      TurboTax guarantees the accuracy of its calculations.

      I hope this information helps.

      Bob Meighan
      VP, TurboTax

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      • Hey bob,

        Instead of hanging out on the yahoo bulliten board why don't you take a look at how many people (including me) have had a horrendous experience with you product and so called customer reps (1 of whom told me to go elseware). If this persists you will joining the ranks of the millions of unemployed.

        ps spruce up that resume you will probably need it.

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