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  • hellostockpicker hellostockpicker Mar 11, 2010 10:31 AM Flag

    For those of you that complain about TurboTax...

    If you are unhappy with TurboTax and think it's better to switch to say TaxCut, or use an "accountant" from those run-of-the-mill firms...I have a suggestion for you...Leave, and don't come back...and don't let the door slam you on the way out.

    Actually, you would probably be doing an Intuit a favor and Intuit's bottom line a favor.Many people are pretty happy with the product. In fact, if that wasn't the case, Intuit wouldn't be doing so well. Judging by how little Intuit charges for their personal tax products, I would guess their margins are pretty thin after you factor in cost of marketing, product development, support. So, for Intuit, it's probably better whiners that hate the product just not buy/use it, then actually buy it and spend hours and hours with the customer support people complaining. In fact, I'm sure were actually to buy a TurboTax product and spend hours hoarding customer support, they would probably lose money on the sales anyway, so just stop your whining and leave...

    And BTW: Deerman6...The reason why Intuit probably started limiting the number of filings you can prepare with turbotax is probably to thwart deadbeat "accountants" from using he product to prepare a tax return for other people and charge them money while using a tax software that a company invested $$$$ to create for FREE. The terms and conditions of the software are for personal use.

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