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  • wsmb1 wsmb1 May 13, 1999 5:44 PM Flag

    I'm dizzy with all the movement

    I thought by selling my very volatile SWS at 57
    (dumb move) and buying INTU 58 that I would have a
    company that would move steadily higher. This fluctuation
    is giving me a head ache.

    Any input to why, I
    know the float is low, and earnings are due out.

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    • I might add that they have over $25 cash per share in their back pocket.


    • To:Will i am west..
      Please be more cautious
      before placing me in the same league as "old

      Quite obviously, Old CPA's strategy of being NEGATIVE
      on expectations, yet paradoxically net LONG speaks
      to a subtle intelligence which is far beyond my
      capabilities of analysis-both equity and

      I will attempt to improve the quality of my
      sarcasm, in the meantime rest assured that I would not
      short a firm which has improved it's earnings at the
      rate of 16% annually (over the past 5 years), which
      commands 80% of the accounting software market... etc,
      etc. INTU is a compelling story, a story which we both

    • Whoever said that must not have done their
      homework. Comments like that only shows how many
      "investors" are ignorant of the basic info on the businesses
      in which they are "invested" in. Most often, they
      are more knowledgeable about the stock prices on a
      given day or week or month. It only presents great
      opportunity to those who are in the know.

      What is
      Intuit then?

      Leader with dominant market share in
      personal finance, tax and small business accounting

      INTU investment portfolio include Excite,
      Checkfree, Verisign, Concentric, and Security First Tech,
      worth more than $1.5 billion.

      Huge growth

      ebill presentment and payment! One of the best e biz
      model there is.

    • this bill presentment and payment opportunity,
      and if they can integrate it with quickbooks and
      qucken software this could be the blockbuster we are
      waiting for--

      -Intu is in one of the best
      positions of anyone to incorporate this into their web
      site--this could propel us into the new millenium with huge
      growth in revenues and income-

      long on INTU

    • information from Quick&Reilly site

    • are amusing as hell, but I have a message for
      both of you:

      implied v: Get a clue. Way more
      folks are using tax prep software each year. If you're
      trying to scare us, you're doin' a piss-poor job of it.
      (But I liked the 'abascus' reference. That showed your
      elevator is at least gettin' to the 2nd floor; but it
      ain't makin' the 3rd yet). Short some more wise-guy;
      and we will see if you still be hangin' here come
      next Wednesday.

      Old CPA: You gotta triple your
      dosage minimum. Actually, upon further review of your
      posts on this board, I recommend electro-shock therapy
      and a bend-over in front of Nurse Ratchett. You be
      one sick mo fo.

    • Thanks "Old CPA" for outlining how we can
      anticipate a disappointing quarter, clearly fewer and fewer
      people are using tax preparation software each and every
      year. It's common knowledge that INTU's operating
      margin (for 1998) of 12.4% is woefully inadequate,
      moreover the previous quarter's revenue derived from
      INTU's TurboTax unit increased at a measley 25% (vs.
      prior year). Yes "Old CPA", it looks bleak indeed,
      please forward on to me the stock symbols of the
      assorted Manila based abacus manufacturers whose prospects
      are far more intriging than this old hag.


      We would like to apologize
      for the delay in getting this report out today. MSFT
      had another slow day closing down 7/8 to $78 7/16.
      Support is still being held and the base is continuing.
      None of the major indicators are giving buy or sell
      signals. For the long term MSFT will definitely make
      higher highs, but the short term remains unclear. Next
      week will be critical in determining which direction
      this market will take, and MSFT along with

      If you would like to join MSFT ANALYSIS, simply send
      an email to:
      In the
      text just write: subscribe

    • is up and running! Intuit has enlisted 10 billers
      and is ahead of Transpoint. The momentum will pick up
      around the end of this year. This market will be bigger
      than the combined markets of payroll and taxes due to
      its monthly-recurrent nature.

      "It dwarfs
      payroll, it dwarfs taxes. It's probably the biggest kind
      of routine financial transaction that exists," said
      Bill Harris, Intuit's chief executive.,4,84-36854,00.html?

      Intuit tests billing on Web site
      By Tim
      Staff Writer, CNET
      May 20, 1999, 1:00 p.m.
      Personal finance software firm Intuit is
      quietly testing online billing and payment on its Web site, though it has just seven firms that let
      consumers view and pay bills online through the site.

      That number puts Intuit slightly ahead of rival
      TransPoint, which has three billers up and running now and
      five due in a week. But the scanty numbers also
      illustrate the current dilemma of online billing: Where are
      the billers?

      Intuit said it expects to bring
      its pilot testing to full operation by late summer.

      The promise of electronic bill presentment and
      payment (EBPP) is widely recognized among banks and

      "It dwarfs payroll, it dwarfs taxes. It's
      probably the biggest kind of routine financial transaction
      that exists," said Bill Harris, Intuit's chief
      executive. But online billing and payment, he said, faces a
      chicken-and-egg problem: To attract consumers to pay bills
      online, it takes a significant number of billers
      presenting invoices online. But billers want enough
      potential payers to justify their investment in the

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