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  • ali68_99 ali68_99 Sep 30, 1999 4:27 PM Flag


    $25 ??? any thoughts?

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    • The Intuit thing sounds helpful, but does it tell
      you anything about the site from which you're buying?
      For example, I read a buyer-written review that
      compared the (decidedly unequal) shipping time of vs amazon. I find that kind of info
      helpful--guess others do too, because shopping search engines
      are all starting to include buyer feedback.

      I've been going to for that type of
      info; there are others but this is a good place to

    • Akchallenger...

      You are confused. My first
      "$20" post was 2291 on 9/30/99 (certainly not a couple
      of weeks ago.)

      I am long, therefore have no
      shorts to cover. I will be a buyer @ $20 (or will
      apologize to the board if it doesn't reach that price this

      My basic thesis is that the overall market is very
      risky at this point, and I see Short Term weakness in
      INTU. I think it should perk up next year.

      As I
      post, Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 are all up about 1%. INTU
      is up 1.28% but off its opening.

      So, long
      story short (no pun), I may be full of it. Who knows?
      Answer = Nobody.

      We will just have to

      On Friday evening (or maybe before) you will either
      see an "I blew it", or "I told you so."

      I am
      not so small that I would not admit a mistake!

    • I just installed and tried out the new shopping
      service you will see in the news section today. What it
      does is when you go to an online merchant and select
      an item, it will, when you click on the icon, search
      other online merchants for the best price. I tried it
      on a book I was thinking of buying. It is now part

      I think an offering like this
      goes with the direciton that Intuit is going--services
      not only to help you with basic recording, but more
      sophisticated services to help users make the most of their
      money. I know this service will make me more inclined to
      buying online.

      Don't know what the market holds
      for us in the coming days. The S&P futures were up
      last time I checked. I do believe that longterm,
      however, we do have a winner, especially if after the
      current shakeup people buy good companies.

    • That is what you have been bragging about last couple of weeks. We got your message.

    • muwate,

      No offense taken. Although we have diffences of opinion, I appreciate and agree with (most) of your comments.

      Hope you continue to post!



    • Yikes! I seem to have struck a chord (perhaps
      even lower) with one of you...

      Oh well, such is

      I just popped into the office to run out some
      papers and, shazam, I see my name splattered with yolk
      all over the chatroom.

      Terrible, too, because
      I�m not an egg fan. Never have been. Ditto for mayo,
      limes in beer and bottled water.

      But, a

      I don�t think so...Huevos...I just recommended that
      Long and yourself and anybody else check out Amazon�s
      chatroom. It�s mighty entertaining, and from what you have
      written, you might get along with some of the teenagers

      Fighting reason with spite and anger...tisk, tisk. Shame
      on you.
      Even my two daughters know better than
      that, and they�re ten and five years old.

      As for
      being a comes another lesson I teach
      my children: Never speak out of ignorance or presume
      to know more than you do.

      My twin brother is
      a Clintonion...myself, I�m indifferent. Personally,
      I don�t believe the president wields as much power
      or deserves as much credit as he would leave you to
      believe. I just heard Clinton speak and make reference to
      �my [his] administration.� Not the American public�s
      administration, but his. That�s the problem with American much self-interest and disassociation from �we
      the people.� Furthermore, don�t most presidents
      and/or their vice-presidents spend half of their term
      campaigning for the next one. Tell me, how can Gore help run
      the country when he�s in Nashville at the Grand Ole

      And, while I�m on my political tirade...doesn�t it
      piss anybody off when the Federal government forgives
      a billion dollars in loans to the world�s poorest
      foreign countries, yet the poorest Americans don�t get a
      damn thing?

      Enough already!

      So, Eggs, am
      I a Clinton-backer?

      Not at all. In fact, I
      can�t even vote�I�m Canadian. My wife�s American,
      though, and for our 12 years of marriage, I�ve encouraged
      her to vote Libertarian.

      But, that�s enough of
      my politics�And, Eggs, no I don�t hate you or
      dislike you or wish ill of you...I don�t know you well
      enough to have a sentiment one way or the other. You can
      express your opinions (informed or otherwise) as often as
      I can mine, and regardless of what you type, I
      appreciate the discourse.

      Now, down to

      What�s this I hear about Blodgett? All of these market
      movers are starting to scare the hell out of me. It�s
      enough to make you invest in G.M.!

      I was at the
      bookstore this weekend and I saw this book called �Gorilla�
      something...apparently a very popular investment book. While my ten year
      old read about the Pyramids of Egypt, I skimmed
      through the book and found it�informative, though not

      Has anybody else read it? Any thoughts?

      that�s all folks�time to hit and see how my
      office, fantasy team is going to do. Lunch bets all the
      way around, from the editors to the data entry
      guys...let�s hope Keyshawn gets the damned ball, Terrel Owens
      catches a few and Jake the Snake stops sidewinding and
      heads straight for the endzone.

      And, if I was a
      betting man�ya gotta love those Jaguars against the

      Bye all.

      And, Long bbb...nothing personal, but
      I hope you�re out in left-field when the ball�s in

      We shall see�

    • Intuit is starting to act like an Internet stock
      since all the company's latest software is tied to
      online integration with its Quicken website. Does that
      make me nervous? Not a bit.

      I've been using
      Quicken to manage my finances and write my checks for
      about 7 years now. Upgrades to new versions have been
      easy and transparent over these many years. The
      company is obviously doing something right.

      Internet space has a lot of competition, but their website
      is excellent, and their software continues to lead
      the industry. From my point of view the stock is now
      a very attractive BUY.


    • Buy at 20, 25, 30 or 40. Because it is going to
      reach $60 in 6 months. How can this stock trade at a PE
      ratio of 15? In addition, the institution shareholders
      controls 70% of this company. Just watch. I bought some
      call options today and sold puts.

    • The two of you must be Clinton supporters since
      you think it is okay for someone to lie. You think
      stating non-factual information is a freedom of
      expression and acceptable? Please respond, because I am
      dying to hear your reasoning!! Don't Eat the Yolk!!!

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