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  • rehmk5 rehmk5 Feb 4, 2008 5:46 PM Flag

    why the personal attacks here?

    Because while it is perfectly fine to believe MMA is a scam or fraud, it is not perfectly ok to state that unless one accompanies the charge with logic hopefully accompanied by some facts.

    Merely saying that MMA is a scam or as you put it, a fraud, based on suspicions is protected under freedom of speech, but also leaves one open to criticism.

    This should be no surprise.

    Want to read an intelligent post or two? How about some of "Index"'s stuff. Guy says he is a CPA and be that as it may, Index's stuff is worth the read.

    I initially was impressed when I read Hopeful's reminder of the 3 day trade settlement rule. But have not de-rated her as just another routine basher. And I've seen better bashers than her.

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