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  • newco_33409 newco_33409 Feb 4, 2008 6:06 PM Flag

    why the personal attacks here?

    Definitely. I will admit I am short (which is a very rare event, like snow in FL, too risky most the time). The only reason is I was long in a large position of RGFC and got burned bad (stock went from 40's to 7's straight down, then pennies). This is THE EXACT same thing that happened to them. I am trying to be nice and warn others. I am telling you guys to take a look at RGFC and its history over the past 3 years (you would think they are the same co.).

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    • newco,

      Like you, I experienced the same thing back in 2001 while I held on to a dot com stock after it was delisted for not reporting on time.

      It turned out the company was insolvent but we (the stockholders)found out after the stock had gone down to a few pennies in share price. I learned an expensive lesson.