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  • y_o_s_e y_o_s_e Feb 4, 2008 6:38 PM Flag

    why the personal attacks here?

    Short all you want, I'm indifferent. I've traded this stock a few times and made a little money. Nothing major. I'm not a pound the table long on this stock, I'm just adding a little balance (and factual information) to the posts.

    I have a background in finance, with a fair amount of real estate and tax experience, so I feel I'm qualified to make the statements I do. Readers can evaluate the content of those statements just like I can evaluate the statements made by others.

    Based on Hopefull's evaluation of my statements, she thinks I'm wrong in things I've said. Based on my evaluation of her statements, I think she's wrong in things she has said.

    No more, no less.

    And regarding your statement about how hard can it be to do financial statements for 2,000 entities and consolidate them, it's a lot harder than you think, especially when many of them go back many years. FIN 46 is another disaster of an accounting pronouncement that adds more complexity, adn less clarity, to financial statements.

    All in my opinion.

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