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  • thomasw.byrd thomasw.byrd Jul 27, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    water issue

    None of bashers want argue with mayor, city attorney and key city officials specifically talking about water quantities for this issue. For the sake of conversation I suppose it's debatable who's more reliable... key city officials responsible for welfare, planning and allocation of San Luis City resources and it's welfare or random yahoo messenger trolls that NEVER cite.

    Of course I ALWAYS do. Best of luck bashers arguing with sources immensely as credible as these. If this isn't good enough let me know I'll contact mayor of San Luis I've done it before.

    Yeah. How's that haterade taste?

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    • hope you choked

    • Care to let us in on what you're talking about or is this a private conversation between you and yourself? But, to your point (?) about water usage, California's experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record and is in a drought state of emergency and yet we're not supposed to question a proposal that involves pumping approximately 2.5 billion gallons of water annually -- to the desert?.

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      • There were sufficient context clues in the passage to determine who the message to; I even used the word bashers that is in my opinion a pretty specific group of people. Not sure why that was confusing?

        Irrelevant what the water situation is in California the point is does San Luis have the water? YES and San Luis due to capitalism can do whatever it wants with its resources to include selling their city water to a venture such as this esp unemployment is around 65%. Try to imagine if you were in his shoes would you really be worried about the water situation in other states or working to rectify your communities 65% unemployment issue... Cmon think reasonably.

        Sidebar: You are aware that a downdraft tower that desalinates water only reduces energy output by 10% output to the grid and provides water for a MILLION PEOPLE! Some would consider that killing two birds with one stone. IMPLIED... energy demands are on the rise and will continue through 2030. Does it not make sense to meet that demand and increase potable water in the same investment?

      • San Luis, AZ sits on a large water aquifer, and the tower will use even less water than has already been approved to irrigate the land that the tower will be built on. That is why your concerns are moot.

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