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  • jbhdullass2000 Nov 29, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    Is there any useful insight here from anyone ?

    I see nothing but spammers and their dozens of aliases on the last post below.

    How about a prediction or thoughts on VOC's future? Anyone?

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    • Not a spammer. I own VOC as I have posted before. If Vess Oil gets it act together maybe we will be ok. Problem is we never get any updated news. Last dividend dropped and if it does again we wil go much lower depending on the news if we get news.One thing for sure we will know next month what kind of dividend we will get. I am hoping nothing below .40

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      • 1 Reply to sholley111
      • I used to give advise in my job as HR Director - it was "always diversify your retirement funds."
        Then I retired and started playing the market with my IRA. My latest dumb move was to go all in with VOC in July. I did get one dividend of 12% (divided by 4) then the bomb dropped just before the next dividend. Their forcast made the sp fall even worse than the dividend called for, as we all know.
        So, will their dividends always be this bad? I doubt it. Surely when the costs of the one bad well are absorbed, things will get better. Nothing looks good now because of the "fiscal cliff".

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    • Truthfully, no one has a clue. VOC is virtually 100% oil. So, if you compare oil prices from the previous quarter covered by the last dividend with the succeeding quarter you might get an idea.

    • I bought into VOC twice and still holding. Down over 20 % and wondering if I should take my losses and get out. The original anayst that spoke on the video of VOC was leary of Vess Oil. The report BEFORE last they missed blaming the shortage of sub contractors. I think at these prices abd a hold for at least 5yr you should do fine. I look for VOC to go under $12 but time will tell.Plus at least 3 brokrages that you can't even buy VOC. I am with Wells Fargo and they don't reccomend VOC and won't let me buy. All indications don't sound very good yet I am still holding. Hopefully Vess Oil will get it together. If I had to do over I would not have bought VOC.

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    • jbhdullass2000 Nov 29, 2012 12:22 PM Flag

      Still awaiting answer spammer(s).

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