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  • aceputseller2000 aceputseller2000 Nov 23, 2005 12:19 AM Flag


    The gap at 8.23 looks like it will be filled in the near term. I still say the strategic stuff will take us over 10 but either way the gap looks solid and I expect 8.23 soon

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    • I'm sorry but I am new to do this board. What is the 8.23 that you refer to. I am thinking of buying some shares as the F/S look O.K. I am betting on a takeover. Even if the takeover doesn't occur, the stock does not appear unreasonable priced. Your thoughts. thanks.

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      • I was going to suggest that you do some serious research into the company and its management before investing.

        Forget it. pegs_info saved you a lot of trouble. Just read message #2944

      • With the ups and downs you could make a few cents. But they just got punished the day after the Q3 announcement. The takeover is only on the CEO's terms and not what is best for the company or share holders. Your money can be better spent on other stocks CD CHH HDI SAM. and here are some of the reasons why.......
        Pegs needs something to happen before the 1st Q announcement April 2006. If not the well will dry up and they will be in liquidation mode. Their main portion of operating cash flow, 26% + comes from their commission processing service $5.8mil out of $22 for this last quarter. The Commission program has lost quite a few customers over the last year, to the extent that pegs felt it necessary to place a customer loss in their latest 10Q. They stated they have lost a customer that represents 18% of their revenue for financial services - Last year $33,699 x 18%= $6.05 mil That will impact their monthly and quarterly operating cash flow a great deal.
        On the CRS side they have lost a large customer, Fairmont. That will impact them by 8% to 12%. You can do the math on that one. The list goes on.
        By product
        Unirez has lost 60% of the customer base since being bought by Pegs. they actually have been converting over to the less profitable side of pegs representation Utell.
        Utell the predominate users are the brands that Pegasus sold (from their Rezolutions purchase) into their product slavery for years, Summit etc. That slavery will be coming to an end shortly.
        The Switch will again see heated competition when the behemoth Cendant breaks up. All the switch work arounds everybody has created in the last few years are starting to take hold so switch has diminished value. If the Euro slides any more against the dollar they will be spanked on the revenue side. That is making about a 6% to 8% difference in the numbers when comparing Q over Q. Now if the Euro slips so does the Q over Q comparison. 50% of their customers are in Euro countries and with 11 more being added as optional trading in 2006 they are at a greater risk.
        PMS went by the wayside. Last year's annual report said 4.27 in revenue - now gone
        CRS is as old as they get when it comes to technology - Fairmont loss
        Pegs tour has finally processed transaction after two years of development it will make a marginal if any improvement in revenue for 2006
        They have $163+ million in good will that has been carried over as far back as 2004 Q2. Their new business model of partnering to have people sell their products means lower revenues on each sale as they have to pay commissions now on what used to be their revenue. SOAPBOX.........The analysts haven't analyzed much of anything. They looked at the balance sheet and said buy. That is also what they did on MCI/WorldCom. That tells us that balance sheets can be manipulated and should not be the soul source for determining viability of stock. They are not doing their home work. How about calling the customer base and asking what they think? Of course the average Joe cant do that but a Star analyst could.

    • You are still short almost 2 dollars. With current management ?