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  • ContraIndicator ContraIndicator Mar 31, 2004 3:15 PM Flag

    Limited partnerships or Corp. status

    In lieu of no message boards for these stocks, I post here.
    Couldn't find on the webpages for these companies, too.
    Are the following trusts classified as corporations or limited partnerships -
    Advantage Energy Income Fund, Peyto Energy, and NAV Energy Trust?

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    • ContraIndicator,

      Not positive but as of now, I believe all CanRoys are reporting as corporations.

      AET, PGH and PVX were formerly LP's but changed to corporate structure after the US qualified dividends made it advantageous to switch.


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      • NHY - thank you for your fast response.
        It seems to be a trade off for these Canroys I mentioned - an investor either gets a higher return now, in terms of a high yield (as with Acclaim, Nav Energy Trust), or gets greater price appreciation over time while bringing in less immediate income as with Peyto.
        Peyto's business model is interesting in terms of how it differentiates itself from the other Canroys - it looks upon external acquisitions as an ineffective use of capital versus the way it grows its business. You certainly cannot criticize its growth these last few years.
        Still - there's that 16% yield elsewhwere, and with the merging probably about to expand, surprises can take place as the unexpected appreciation with PWI's price recently. Who would have guessed that corrrection to the upside? Not me.

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