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  • Need_High_Yield Need_High_Yield Jul 1, 2005 3:17 PM Flag

    Private CanRoy Discussion Group

    For those who are interested in learning more about how Canadian O&G Royalty Trusts operate and their analysis, my private Yahoo CanRoy Group may be of interest to you.

    This group with its 900+ members, is open to the discussion of all 36+ CanRoys available for purchase in the US, including the six that are dually traded: EENC, ERF, PGH, PTF, PVX and PWI.

    Here is the description of the CanRoy group and how to join the group for those interested in doing so. It is not a "Chat" board like these Yahoo message boards but rather an educational and due diligence forum so there are fewer messages by far than will be found on these Yahoo boards.

    There are NO educational, investment or CanRoy experience requirements for membership in the group. All that is required is a willingness to read and learn along with possessing a maturity, regardless of age, that is obviously lacking from a few posters on these Yahoo boards using their multiple aliases to compound their disruption.

    The CanRoy Group is designed for several purposes:

    (1) Its PRIMARY focus is to provide a forum for the DUE DILIGENCE type of discussions of the Canadian Oil & Gas Royalty Trusts, aka, "CanRoys",

    (2) Its SECONDARY focus is to provide a forum to help members learn about the operations and analysis of these foreign CanRoy securities in order to be able to make their own investment choices,

    (3) This forum will examine BOTH the PROS & CONS of owning these TSX traded Canadian securities in a rational, intellectual, mature and unemotional manner.

    Our premise is that investing is business! The companies in which you invest your money are NOT like your favorite sports TEAMS for which you root and cheer whether they are winning or losing as is often seen on the Yahoo message boards by new and very amateurish owners of these securities.

    (4) The providing of personal stock picks or pumping ones holdings is not permitted here. Yahoo has many message boards and groups if you seek that.

    (5) This Group is designed to have a discussion forum that is FREE of those annoyances from immature posters, those who have demonstrated to me that they do not wish to increase their knowledge on these matters, and those who are emotionally attached to their holdings and thus incapable of having a MATURE and OBJECTIVE discourse on both the pros and cons of these securities.

    Finally, those investors who insist on seeing posts with only the PROS of their holdings will not be happy here. If it were not for the positives, we would not own them! So it is both knowing and understanding the CONS, especially those negatives we might have missed in our due diligence, that really are the most valuable to the owners of any security.

    This is a private group with membership by Invitation only.

    To apply for membership, send an e-mail with the following information about yourself to:

    Include the following:
    (1) your Yahoo name(s) that you post under,
    (2) some background about yourself: name, age, education, employment, residence city, etc.,
    (3) a brief summary of your investing experience and
    (4) your experience with CanRoys, if any.

    All data is for my information only. I usually process applications 2-3 times weekly. So please be patient. :-)

    Also the Invitations come from Yahoo, not from me. So look for that in your mailboxes as it may wind up in Spam if you have a Spam filter.


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